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Before the Ma Yun is not a cold, wealth than Chen Tianqiao, looks inferior to Robin Li, more important is this handsome Hangzhou businessman also often abusive, arrogant, give a bad impression, and low-key Ding lei, introverted ma compared, really very "narcissistic". In addition to the Internet, Charles Zhang and the common "dance" hobby, can not find a third, but two people have the essence of the difference, Charles Zhang is unrestrained, arrogant, but compared with Ma Yun still has a gap, on this point, some insiders blunt Ma is the world's first-class kung Fu.

The industry widely called Ma Yun as "chivalrous", had let me baffled, with the later Jack Ma selected CCTV figures, the understanding of Ma Yun gradually in-depth, especially after the "win in China", let me be full of respect and worship Ma Yun. Ma Yun is a "madman", and Jin Yong martial arts novels in a number of martial arts knight is the same, and even quite a yellow pharmacist's taste, but Ma Yun has connotations, his blog's personal profile so interesting wrote------"a big street catch a lot of ordinary people!" But the luck is good, the IQ is general, but a hooch ". This external arrogance plus internal self-restraint, in line with its influential role in China's e-commerce industry, let it become the Internet industry unique warrior.

One, Ma Yun's "arrogant"

Ma Yun's arrogance in the industry is obvious to all. ebay's acquisition of ebay to enter China's c2c field when it was clear that in three months will be the death of Taobao, but Taobao's free strategy has been completely defeated. Claiming to pick up the telescope can not find the opponent's Ma said, ebay said three months after the defeat of Taobao, three months after Taobao is still alive and well, to Taobao three months will be on ebay ebay to launch a deadly attack, not long ago also said ebay ebay has been terminally ill. In fact, Ma Yun did not put the ebay in the eye, but then the rapid rise of the Tencent racket net poses some threats to the horse cloud.

Ma's arrogance is also expressed in the likes of a multiple of 100 in the description of the record, he has several times in different occasions so mentioned------"2004, a daily income of 1 million yuan, 2005, a daily profit of 1 million Yuan, 2006, a daily tax 1 million yuan" and create 1 million employment opportunities. This argument in the industry has also been a lot of doubt, but it is undeniable that Ma Yun and his Alibaba has made an outstanding contribution to the development of E-commerce in China. In fact, from the whole history of Ma Yun's entrepreneurship, its arrogance is also reasonable, entrepreneurial beginning of the difficult period, Ma Yun had a man carrying a large sack to Yiwu sell small gifts, selling flowers, selling books and so on. Connect to today's success, perhaps this arrogance more should understand paranoia, even self-confidence, because without such arrogance, MA can not persist, so that not to achieve today's Alibaba, this is once again verified Intel's former chief executive quotes------"only paranoia can survive."

Two, Ma Yun's "Narcissism"

Claiming to be a world-class internet company, Ma Yun, in addition to arrogance, but also narcissism. Ma Yun's "narcissism" embodied in his aesthetic. Ma Yun is ugly, the eyes of the Earth people know. And Lei June, Li and other people are far apart, but also the industry reached a consensus. But Ma Yun does not feel that he is ugly. Search Nets did Ma's album, in the "Ma Yun's true I elegant demeanor" in the Zhang Mayun lecture photos, the following instructions "MA: I am really handsome", it can be seen that Ma is too narcissistic. 2005CCTV Annual Economic Figures award ceremony host Ouyang Shadan in the tone of ridicule to praise Ma more and more handsome, the results attracted "laughter."

But Ma Yun sometimes admits that he is not too handsome, after all, he is not handsome facts can not escape. This time another famous words of Ma Yun came out------"to a man, talent and appearance is inversely proportional." From this point of view, regardless of how the MA is justified, are correct. This "always right" situation also manifests itself in other pursuits of the cause, MA is a person who likes the goal, many goals are inconceivable, even unreachable, even Ma's executives feel impossible to achieve, a good bet on Ma Yun and they bet on, finally Ma Yun is the winner, it seems that long bet will lose the law is not suitable for MA. But this is also due to the narcissism of Ma Yun.

three. Ma Yun's "Deception"

Ma's "deception" is too clever to make the industry dumbfounded. Ma Yun has by virtue of his superb eloquence and clever deception won the soft silver Group Sun Justice favored------"the first negotiation six minutes 20 million dollars to get." This kind of efficiency seems to make the internet in the early days of lobbying Niglopante to win venture capital of Charles Zhang is difficult to match. This has nothing to do with the identity of "Ma teacher". With his outstanding eloquence and deception, Ma Yun, after a speech at Harvard, 35 Harvard MBA into his business.

When Ma Yun was "cheating" at Harvard, Harvard students can be fooled into the fog, Ma Yun summed up the three reasons for success-----"First, no money, second, do not understand the technology, third, do not plan" makes Harvard students difficult to ponder, because these three can not be a public, or even deceptive tricks. Ma Yun said, "You want to listen to the truth, I can tell you very hypocritical, especially illusory, but I believe all the young people here like me, want to listen to the true." The hardest thing in the world is to tell the truth, and the easiest to tell the truth. Although it is a bit of a "admiration" and a "memorial", it makes the students of Harvard believe and even adore the children.

Four, Ma Yun's "Grand Way"

Ma Yun hours often fight, to this, some media called it "a single thin but like to do chivalrous youth", this innate characteristics so that Ma Yun in the Internet and the business world mixed with a duck, unfortunately this "chivalrous way" spirit is still good to keep. Ma's conference room is named "Bright Top", which hangs with Mr. Jin Yong's handwritten inscription------"Pond, better to retreat and networking", Ma Yun more known as the value of Alibaba "six-pulse God sword"------integrity, professionalism, passion, embrace change, teamwork, customer first. Even more impressive is that the rumors of a recent rumor that Ma Yun to play the role of Jin Yong Martial arts drama, it can be seen that Ma Yun's understanding of the great Tao has been quite profound.

Ma Yun's "Grand Road" has contributed to his handshake with SoftBank boss son. Afterwards son once said that they are destined for a lifetime of good friends. The so-called great minds think alike, after that, Ma Yun also said that "from the eyes of justice, I know we must shake hands." At the same time, the martial arts love has a single Bell Ma also do not forget to use the characters of Jin Yong to praise son------"he looked so dumb, said very strange English, but almost no superfluous words, like Jin Yong's Joe, a little being loving. ”

Five, Ma Yun's "Emotional quotient"

The emotional quotient of Ma Yun is mainly embodied in its governance level of the company. Ma Yun Management company has his set of tactics, no longer repeat. Here have to mention Ma Yun's love for the staff. Ma Yun is very protective of staff, Ma said, "I think, employees first, customer second." Without them, there would be no such site. Only they are happy, our customers will be happy. This was reflected in Alibaba's best employer of the year.

Ma Yun has a unique understanding of business people, "in my opinion there are three kinds of people, businessmen: the creation of money; Entrepreneur: Take responsibility for the society. Entrepreneurs should create an environment for society. Today, Ma Yun became a great entrepreneur, creating a good environment for society, but this does not affect the existence of Ma Yun as an ordinary person. Ma Yun is very put under the shelf, in order to observe the free three years of commitment, has come forward to Taobao sellers apologize. Ma Yun "emotional quotient" can be seen, this is more than some fraudulent customers, the boss of the frantic layoffs are not known how many times higher.

To this five point believe can interpret Ma Yun's "chivalrous" demeanor, the author of the limited level, the lack of hope that we are not hesitate to enlighten.

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