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1, taskbar icon has keyboard shortcuts

Users want to open these applications through a shortcut key, just hold down the Windows key, and then press the number on the keyboard that corresponds to the icon. For example, if Internet Explorer is the first icon, the user can open IE browser by simply holding down Windows-1.

2, the user can move the item on the taskbar arbitrarily

Perhaps the user may feel that this feature already exists in Windows XP and Vista, but this is actually a new feature in Windows 7.

3, the Paint program and WordPad have used a new ribbon interface

In addition, new improvements are included in the paint program, but users still cannot open multiple documents or pictures at once.

4, Windows 7 contains a powerful new tool to facilitate users to the distant family and friends to provide support

Click the Start button, and then type the PSR to open the problem step logger. This tool can capture a person's operating flow step by step (or even take a screenshot).

5. Users can display more than one time in the notification area of the system

This is a great feature for users who work with colleagues across time zones, and the notification area of Windows 7 systems can display clocks from different regions.

Click the clock in the notification area and select the change date and time setting, and select the Additional Clock tab to display up to two clocks and set the time zone. In fact, Microsoft has added this functionality back in Windows Vista, but few people have noticed it.

6. Quickly run an application with Administrator privileges

In previous Windows operating systems, if a user wanted to open an application with administrator privileges, it would normally be necessary to go through the Start menu, right-click the application, and choose to run as Administrator. However, in the Windows operating system, users can simply type the name of the Instant Search bar in the Start menu, and hold down the Ctrl-shift-enter key to quickly run an application with administrator privileges.

7, "Action Center" to replace the past "Security Center"

The Action Center is located in the system's control Panel, which guarantees the security of the user's operating system and provides maintenance information to the user. In addition, the Action Center provides users with many other features, such as backup settings.

8, there is a new UAC (User Account Control) slider in Windows 7 for the user to set the desired level of prompting

Users can type UAC to quickly open user Account Control in the Instant Search bar, and with the new UAC slider control feature, users can control the frequency of UAC prompts. In this way, UAC in Windows 7 does not interfere with the user's normal work, as in the case of UAC in Vista.

9. Users can quickly turn on and off specific Windows applications

To turn on and off built-in applications such as IE Explorer, DVD player, and media Player, users can enter the name of this feature in the Instant Search bar and select Windows feature to turn on or off the link under Control Panel and then find this feature.

10, users can run a private version of IE

If a user is attending a meeting or is in a public place and wants to run a private version of IE, you can quickly jump to InPrivate Browse mode to achieve this goal.

11, users can close their own location and other similar browser information

Sometimes, when a user visits a site, it may ask the user if they want to know where they are and what the weather is like in the area, which can be awkward for the user. In Windows 7, a new IE feature called "InPrivate Filter" will solve this problem for you.

12, users can establish a fast home network

By using the Homegroups feature in Windows 7, users can quickly share files, pictures, and printers with other Windows 7 members on your home network.

13, to help find the source of reliability problems

If a user has a problem with his or her computer, such as a crash or application hang, then the user can type reliability into the Instant Search bar to turn on the reliability Monitor, which will show the user system's reliability history over time.

14, users can easily see the computer diagnostics in 60 seconds

In Windows 7, users do not need to use management tools, performance monitors, and data Collector sets to open an administrator command prompt directly by starting the system diagnostics distributed control system, and then type the perfmon/report to see the Computer Diagnostics report.

15, the administrator can force limit the user to play the game time

In Windows 7, managers only need to do this by using Parental Controls in Control Panel.

16. Find missing tools such as Windows Mail and photo Gallery

These tools have been moved to a download site called Live Essentials by Microsoft.

17. Use PowerShell to speed up work

Built in Windows 7, PowerShell v2 provides users with powerful remoting capabilities that allow them to execute other systems through the command line's tasks.

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