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We all know that bidding is very lucrative, but the selection of good projects to find the right bidding products, has been plagued many people, especially new entrants into the bidding of this piece. This article will help you solve the problem of looking for profiteering products!

These days constantly someone came to me, said want to do bidding, but do not know how to do products, do not know how to choose products, do not know how to proceed to do a product.

I think these problems are not some people encounter, but as long as the bidders are sure to encounter these problems, and this is the core of the problem! If we do not pass the product this pass, then the bidding is certainly not good, because the auction is what?

is a product, then there are good and bad, there is money, there is no money, if not the product thoroughly pondering through the bid must be a loss.

1, profiteering products must be guaranteed profits

Profit, or Profit! Without a certain profit support, the face of high advertising costs, it is likely to lead to a loss of the outcome. Therefore, we must strive to find a higher profit products.

Many people are always focused on some products with low profit margins, resulting in a lot of profit 100,200, or even dozens of, excluding advertising fees, they do not make money.

Suppose a product cost 100, the price is 498, the advertisement expense 100 yuan out a single, then you can earn 498-100-100=298 yuan, deduct the courier fee, the processing fee and so on also earns more than 200, this also basically can.

If the product price is 398 or 298, then we earn more than 100 of a single, it is not cost-effective. Because no matter what product we pay the energy and time is the same, then why not do the sale of high prices, high profit products?

Advertising circle that many products as long as a little shape value, you can sell high prices, if the original price of products is 498, then if your price is 598, make money will be more relaxed!

Therefore, low profit products, although the competition is not fierce, but want to make a lot of money, it is necessary to change the train of thought!

2. How to find products quickly

Looking for products must form a professional habit, that is, continuous research on advertising, continuous research products selling points, and constantly through a variety of ways to operate products.

There are several ways to find products:

A, through Taobao or Alibaba. We all know that Baidu bidding products Taobao above basically are there, then we can search on Taobao above the industry words (such as we want to do: early teach, then search this keyword), look at Taobao's natural rankings and through-train ads, so you will find a large number of projects.

After entering the shop, we can see a lot of products, because many Taobao shop he is not only a product, a large number of similar products is our best chance to find products.

Of course, Alibaba Shop Product search method also and appeal is similar! Go and try this simple method now!

B, through Baidu Sogou and so on search engines and Network Alliance ads.

This method is also used the most, the advertising circle recommended that many people use this method to find items, the principle and Taobao in the search for products are the same.

We want to do a certain type of project, we go to search the industry words of the project, and then study the comparison ads, and then select the project to further analyze the project.

Of course, the Network Alliance advertising is to analyze, as long as we go to Baidu Search related keywords, the network will automatically give us advertising, what is the largest advertising, then the product is relatively popular.

C, TV Shopping ads

This is very simple, pay more attention to various television stations, a lot of research on TV shopping ads. In fact, TV shopping and bidding is interlinked, many TV shopping products are on the network to do bidding, and many products are generally now on TV, and then on the network, so, TV shopping is definitely a product to find the most effective way.

This will require us to pay more attention to the major satellite TV, and then the relevant ads can be recorded down to get the network analysis!

To tell a simple example: the previous TV shopping ads just on the line, Baidu did not promote, that night we ad online, a night out of more than 40 single, including these days no competitors come in, a few days easy to make money!

So be sure to pay more attention to TV shopping ads!

D, newspaper or magazine ads

When you are at a train station or bus station, you often find a lot of newspapers and magazines when you wait for the bus, and there are a lot of tabloids. Although the quality of the publication is not high, or even tacky, but they have a large number of advertising. The more this grounding of the magazine, its audience groups are larger.

I have a friend who used to do this type of advertising, the effect is quite good; you will find a lot of online hot products, in these publications have traces.

Therefore, take advantage of leisure time, a lot of collection of these ads, research on these ads copy, put skills, etc., will continue to improve your actual combat skills and experience, enrich your channels for making money.

Of course, there are many other platforms, but the advertising circle that we seize such a few mainstream platform, looking for projects, the effect will be more than half the effort!

3, testing and implementation, simple to do

Advertising Circle found that the new people are most afraid of 2 points, the low point is that you think smart to do things, do not follow the objective law; The 2nd is that there is no correct guidance, since the test 4 days, if the daily stability of a single, or more profits than the investment in advertising fees, then you can do, and then enlarge on it.

If you test a product in a week, you can test 4 stable and profitable products in 1 months, and then zoom in. Each product in the removal of all costs under the premise of making 300, if a day out of 5 single, then every day can earn more than 1500.

Although the idea is very simple, if you need to test later, still need to pay attention to. For example, the control of advertising rankings, how to pinpoint accurate flow through the keyword, this type of product is currently a sales season and so on.

The next question is directly related to whether you can find a good project, really ensure that 100% can make money, to ensure that 100% long-term money.

Because the project also has periodicity, also has the off-season and the peak season. This question we stay later, not in the discussion of this article!

So, with good products, good projects, with scientific testing, with deep project experience and advertising skills, it is difficult to make money.

Find the right direction, simply follow, success is very easy!

Of course, most people may just look, feel understand, and not practice. Practice is the most basic guarantee of making money, after reading immediately to operate, you will be worthy of future wealth! But the survey shows that most people are the impulse to fight chicken blood, only less than 3% of people really come to the end!

Hope you are the 3% of the people, someday maybe you will thank now desperately for their own!

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