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E-commerce Web site has slowly become a modern urban necessities, we are happy to use, but for the first time to register the use of the scene, I believe we still remember. Carefully selected after the goods, users with a happy mood to click on the purchase button, but the display is "Please register or login", the original full shopping desire and good mood may be a big discount.

The Electronic Business website needs to register and login to execute the purchase process although it is not liked by a large number of users, it is really a very common phenomenon. The user is so disgusted, also not entirely because of the cumbersome process, the site's performance is not friendly, user-friendly is one of the reasons, and even the site so that users feel a very direct sense of coercion.

Market environment so that almost all the domestic electricity business site with the flow with the registration link, then, how to make this step more friendly and applicable, this is the question we need to think about. Now, let's list 10 of our views.

  1. Simple and outstanding, bold to leave white

"Picky" is the characteristic of most online shoppers, and this "picky" is not only reflected in their attitude toward the goods, but also spreads to every page of the site. Users do not like to think and search, they want all the content they need to be clearly in front of the eyes, and even the immediate needs of their own content. Such requirements may sound harsh, but only with such details can we occupy a place in the highly competitive electricity market.

Many designers for the white are a little jittery, for fear that others mistakenly think they are lazy. In fact, in the design of the Electric Dealer landing page, leaving White is a good way to restore the user's good mood. Login registration in the user's heart is a very troublesome process, and a large number of white leaves can make users feel "there is only one step", can greatly improve the user experience.

Suning easy to buy landing page used a lot of white, the page overall and details are very clean and tidy, so that users to complete the fastest speed registration or login to this link.

A refinement of the registration interface, but also to reduce the resistance of visitors, to excellent set search 99 + registration interface can see slightly.

  2. Guided by the interests of visitors

The first measure of the interests of visitors may seem hollow, and many electric-business websites have overlooked that. The main purpose of the Electronic business site is to promote as much as possible, more sales of their own products, so some sites will not miss any one can sell their products corner, such a practice will make users very tired, especially on the landing page, such as the emergence of such sales information.

Landing page is a user's Web page, compare your landing page, mention the number of users and mention the number of branded products which more?

The landing page is a bad example, the site is too eager to display their own products to users, so the content on the page looks very messy, this may have some help for marketing, but it caused a poor user experience.

Amazon landing page is completely different, not only in the guide to do very well, the writing of the statement is more for customers to consider, "my email address is ...", such language appears more affinity.

  3. A good title is half the success

Statistics show that the person reading the headline is 5 times times the text, which means the importance of "stepping stone". If your title is attractive enough, perhaps users will not have to wait until the purchase before landing registration, so that users are willing to take the initiative is the interactive design of the deeper meaning.

Hi Amoy Home Login entry title on the same as the General Electric business site title is not the same, "HI" small logo so that the button more attractive users click.

Click on the landing page, the title of the Tao is still different, compared to the more common "Welcome to log In", "is not hi Amoy network members?" Is this title more pleasing to the user?

  4. Simplify the page copy, to the point

As mentioned earlier, the user is not in the mood to do any thinking in just a few seconds, so here is the question of the page copy. Today everything is about innovation and uniqueness, but try to avoid it on the landing page. Landing on the page of the copy or should be simple, with some look will be able to understand, and there is no ambiguity in the text.

Baidu Sticky Rice Landing page really understand the meaning of simplifying replicas. The simplification of the page text is not the less text the better, but to use as few words as possible to express the meaning clearly. On the left side of the picture there is no extra text, color also chose a light color, so that the overall look very comfortable.

  5. Interesting and beautiful page design

"People do not like beauty, hindmost", visually pleasing is the thing can always give people a better first impression, for web design is the same truth. From color to layout, landing page design is a kind of harmony, if can be in harmony and comfortable experience on the basis of adding some fun, users will be more willing to use and click.

Jingdong Landing page is very interesting, the left side of the picture is slightly funny style, perhaps a lot to let users smile, with a good mood to login and shopping.

  6. Add animation effect if necessary

Although the landing page is simple, it is undeniable that dynamic things always catch the user's eyeball in the first time. Adding animations or small videos to a Web page is another way to improve conversion rates when users don't want to read text. However, if this approach can not grasp the boundaries of the entire page will destroy the effect, and even affect the user experience, so still have to be cautious.

Online customer service features many sites have, but the landing page appears to be rare. In the process of logging in or registering, in fact, the user is very easy to encounter difficulties, in the Metro landing page is very intimate set up this function, and achieve dynamic effect, so that users need to find it immediately.

  7. Write a charismatic copy

To seize the user's heart with just a few words, the appeal of copywriting is a very important factor, especially for new users. The appeal here is not necessarily to use a short sentence to achieve, the use of large dynamic font "registration" can also produce the corresponding effect, in short, so that users feel your vitality and vitality, they will be more willing to do.

Full of appeal to the copy must be short enough to be good, Ishun net "is so hard" although not much creative, but really can hook up the user's shopping desire, so that users to sign up for more initiative.

  8. Minimize the form field

From a visual standpoint, tabular form can not only make the messy data clear, but also can complicate the original simple content. A survey shows that the number of form fields displayed on the landing page of the Electronic business site is less and the conversion rate is higher, thus, the user is not interested in filling out the form.

Especially for the first use of new users, their trust in the site is still very weak, at this time let them fill in a large number of forms of personal information is very inappropriate, this after the establishment of mutual trust is also very unfavorable.

ebay's website is on a minimalist route. And form in the landing page can not basically avoid, so, ebay is very smart to retain only the login section, there are registered users need to click on the right button to jump to another page. This is a way to make the landing page simpler, and to make the site more organized.

  9. Thanks page socialization

Rather than try to make advertising in the site everywhere, as well as holding the thank you page, the effect may be much better. After the user completes the login page transformation, we can add some options on the page, such as to the landing page to point a good, or to share the social networking site, so that the first time to focus on more customer base.

  10. Use of single open landing page

Whether from the actual operation or the user experience point of view, the single open landing page is currently the most ideal way to open. If you choose the frame or login directly on this page, it will obviously be detrimental to the user's use, Lancome's website is an example; In addition, some browsers will have the function of shielding the bomb frame.

The single open landing page design can better guide the user, at the same time produce a sense of being valued, this is particularly important for the electric business website.

The landing page of a shop is a similar site to do very thoughtful, in the homepage of the login portal to do a mouse hover display effect, so as to avoid the user due to delays caused by unnecessary clicks.


We believe that in the E-commerce site of the login link can not give up now, the design of the page to the user experience first, so that users in the use of time as much as possible to reduce thinking time. Meanwhile, we also hope that in the future can make registration login become unnecessary links, so that users can directly purchase the identity of tourists, login registration benefits just make shopping process easier or more favorable price, in such a way so that users actively register, so that registration into a user-like link.

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