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has been very interested in wireless interaction, this time to practice practicing ~

The analysis based on the iOS platform, selected two representative of the music player, QQ music and Watercress FM. Because these two products on the web side has a huge user base, a certain user stickiness, mobile phone end is the extension of the Web end, the target users, information architecture, core experience, etc. also inherit the distinctive style of the web side. These two products can be used on behalf of two types of tables to locate different music players. One kind is all-inclusive, the function is comprehensive, may satisfy the user to manage the local music, the synchronization other equipment music, discovers the good music and so on many kinds of needs (similar application: Baidu Ting, cool Music Box, Iscrob). One is small and simple, easy to operate, just like using a radio, open to listen to, do not like to change Taiwan (similar applications: Shrimp FM,

QQ Music

1. Overview of the interface

2. Demand Analysis

Target users: Love music of ordinary youth, QQ products loyal users.

User needs: Listen to music anytime, no wifi can listen to local music, Wi-Fi can be online to listen to, encounter favorite songs can provide downloads, can sync other devices on the collection of songs.

Design objectives: To provide local music playback, account synchronization, online listening, music search and other functions.

3. Information architecture

QQ Music from the local music, my music, online music, more, these four aspects of information integration.

Local music can play local music from the singer and album Dimensions, as well as create local music playlists and find cached songs that have been downloaded from here.

"My Music" synchronized QQ account in the collection of songs on each device and set up a song, this synchronization service can improve the user's viscosity, and cultivate a good habit of users to log in in time. In order to enhance social properties, there are "song" Level two menu, QQ users can be a friend song, sent to your songs will appear here.

"Online music" is where good music is found. The "Radio" is similar to "Watercress FM", you can randomly listen to different themes of music, the system can also be based on the user's collection and listening habits to guess you like. It also offers a list of new songs and hot songs to help users understand the music trend as quickly as they could. There is also a collection of shrimp-like music, featuring good music for users.

"More" is the integration of a number of secondary information, including personal accounts, caching settings, timed message notification, software information.

4, Page layout

Similar to most iOS based app layouts, the QQ music list page uses a listing layout to make it easier to find and expand. The main navigation is fixed on the bottom of the screen, level two navigation is on, the upper left corner is a unified return to the top level button, the upper right corner is playing the song details page, easy to find the music playing, stop, play, collection, download, share and other operations.

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