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College entrance examination to escort the coming proud tour

Every year on the eve of the college entrance examination, hackers are the most rampant time. With the rapid increase in the number of websites visited by universities, these unprofitable student groups suddenly became the eyes of the hackers. According to statistics, the vast majority of universities in the country have encountered different degrees of the site hanging horses, including some of the well-known key institutions. In addition to the university's own regular website, some dozen "college entrance Examination", "volunteer" of the phishing website also makes people quite a headache. How to get rid of these annoying guys, has undoubtedly become the parents and examinee most concerned about the topic. The following author for your inquisitive to talk about a hacker's common tricks, but also have solutions to give you yo!

Trick one. Search Engine Decoy

Using search engines to trick clicks is one of the most common tricks hackers use. They use candidates to be anxious for the psychological, through the keyword optimization techniques such as rapid promotion of their own search rankings, tricking users to click All types of fishing or hanging horse site, it is impossible. But because the general security software does not have the search result screening mechanism, causes here almost becomes the hacker operation "the vacuum zone".

Fig. 1 The link safety inspection of the network Shield of Proud tour

To make up for the lack of search engines, proud tour through the launch of Jinshan Network Shield to join a "search engine protection" mechanism, can be completely without the user participation in the case, automatic search results for security testing, and will test results in the form of icons to display, thus significantly reducing the candidates ' "in the Recruit" probability.

In the search engine hints chart, "Green to tick" means safe to browse; Red Fork "indicates danger, users must avoid access;" Exclamation point "indicates that the target Web page contains bad content and if you are a parent you should avoid having your child visit these pages;" The gray question mark "indicates that security is pending, but it is also not recommended for users to click." With the help of search engine hints, whether it is the college entrance examination true question, the auxiliary material, can let the examinee search the vast information when "safe driving".

Phishing sites can be used to prevent deception

Trick Two. Phishing website Fraud

Of course, hackers are not limited to the means of search engines, QQ, MSN, e-mail are their use of social engineering to attack the good tools. And these methods also have a common feature, that is the use of "acquaintances" this premise, through the theft of the means such as the identity of the contact, the release of some with the regular site domain name is very similar to the same page appearance of the "Cloning site", and then through a variety of "information fees", "membership fees" and other fraudulent user money This is the most hated "fishing site" at ordinary times. Generally dealing with such websites, light rely on manpower is very difficult, after all, hackers in order to deceive the details will be done very perfect, then proud to visit the security site certification will have a place, through the Hint + report double insurance, will likely cause losses to the minimum, while as soon as possible included in the new phishing website.

In the proud tour, each open Web page will be the browser's automatic Web site certification, the results are divided into "safe", "unknown", "risk" three categories, respectively, with a different icon to display. At the same time, in order to be eye-catching, the color of the address bar will also be different, where the red represents the risk, green represents security, so that people can easily find a false site.

When candidates accidentally visit a phishing site, the browser will quickly intercept and pop-up eye-catching reminders, the prevention of candidates may be because of the confusion of guiding information and "Hook". At this point you may want to ask, the world phishing site hundreds of thousands, hackers will not announce his site is a fishing station, a browser such as the fastest speed to find? Proud of the browser in the open unsafe, not dangerous general web site, the address bar at the end of the logo will be a gray shield icon, representing the normal web site. If a user or security Monitor discovers a new "slip through", it can be reported by clicking on this icon. The web of security, made up of Tens's proud users, will snare the hacker's movements.

Figure 2 Proud tour for the website "The Ming"

The official website unexpectedly has hangs the horse proud tour to remind

Trick three. Regular website Hanging horse

In the hacker's various tactics, the regular website hangs the horse Although the cost is slightly high, but also is the most "short, flat, fast" one way. By embedding the Trojan in the target Web page, you can make millions of people instantly become the object of Trojan infection. Bypassing the secure Web site certification, the browser can not do? No, in the proud browser, once visited the Web site found Trojan threat, proud tour Jinshan Network Shield will be the first time to carry out clearance, fully guarantee access to the normal conduct.

Fig. 3 After the AO tour interception, still can continue to browse

It is worth mentioning that, proud of the network Shield in the design of a very human-oriented. The biggest feature is that after the threat is cleared, users are still allowed to continue to visit the site. And this for the vast majority of candidates is a great gospel, to know other kill soft universal implementation of the "direct interception" strategy, although it can effectively avoid more infections, but also blocked the candidates to browse the relevant information direct way. And in such a powerful struggle for the bridge of the critical moment, more than browsing a few pages may be to give you the most practical gift!

Written in the last

Here I also want to remind you candidates, with the college entrance examination and the climax of the approaching, the network threat will be more and more. Internet search and query information, we must pay attention to their own security, as far as possible to open the official designated Web site. Do not trust the answers to all the real questions and the Pies in the sky. At the same time when surfing the Internet must pay more attention to the various safety tips given by the tour, do not slip into the "trap" set by hackers. Finally, I also wish you candidates to find their favorite school, and then do not forget to give us proud to swim the way a happy!

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