Analysis of CNZZ website traffic statistics principles and cnzz traffic statistics

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Analysis of CNZZ website traffic statistics principles and cnzz traffic statistics
This is my domain name, which has no content for the moment, only one page index.html,
The following js script is placed on index.html:
Src = " Id = 5364825 & web_id = 5364825"
Language = "JavaScript">

1. When you access this page, you will request src, corresponding to the source file of the above script:
Request URL: Id = 5364825 & web_id = 5364825
Request query:
Id: 5364825 // website id
Web_id: 5364825 // website id
The script will assign values to the parameters, where this. q = "CNZZDATA" + this. c is the cookie name.
The function L in cnzz. js will generate a cookie under my website domain, that is
Name: CNZZDATA5364825
Content: CNZZDATA5364825 = cnzz_eid % 3d2115213326-1406861325-% 26 ntime % 3D1406869345
// CNZZDATA5364825 = cnzz_eid = 2115213326-1406861325-& ntime = 1406869345
The ntime is updated with the access.
// The preceding cookie value indicates only three time values.

And trigger the following link request:

2. Request URL:
Http:// Id = 5364825 & r = & lg = zh-cn & ntime = 1406861325 & cnzz_eid = 124331323-1406861325-& showp = 1280x800 & t = zhaohf-CNZ... & amp; h = 1 & amp; rnd = 1196942655
(This request has an invisible pixel of 1x1, and the parameters represent different meanings)
Id: 5364825 // website id
R: // refer, source.
Lg: zh-cn // page Language
Ntime: 1406861325 // The timestamp of the now time request
Cnzz_eid: 124331323-1406861325-// a random number (expiration time)-the first access time. The difference is the cookie lifecycle.
Showp: 1280x800 // page (screen) Size
T: zhaohf-CNZ... // the title of the page
H: 1 //?
Rnd: 1196942655 // random, a random number, to request each access

The request header is as follows:
Accept: image/webp, */*; q = 0.8
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, sdch
Accept-Language: zh-CN, zh; q = 0.8
Cna = YuVcDKp/IhQCAXL/FAmu3PJk;
PHPSESSID = 7e0dc5ea1b0fa3b5357f0b46cb1_5d5;
Lzstat_uv = 22071519872809337448 | 3037573;
UC_SID = e3a977d0ecd733fb2adb54b5a3cfc3ae;
TJ_LG = cnzz;
Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/36.0.1985.125 Safari/537.36

3. The Request URL: Web_id = 5364825 & t = z
This corresponds to a js script.

4. The Request URL: Abc = 1 & rnd = 659454759.

Server write cookie:
Set-Cookie: aui = 137828086; expires = Mon, 29-Jul-24 03:49:34 GMT; path =/; domain =
Set-Cookie: atpsida = 69e4ef05fb4ee7ea895ac82a_1406864974; expires = Mon, 29-Jul-24 03:49:34 GMT; path =/; domain =

5. Request URL: & Amp; cna = YuVcDKp/IhQCAXL/FAmu3PJk
Request another image with Parameters
Cna = YuVcDKp/IhQCAXL/FAmu3PJk
Is the cookie generated in the previous step.
Return to server
The returned cookie is under
Set-Cookie: cna = YuVcDKp/IhQCAXL/FAmu3PJk; expires = Mon, 29-Jul-24 03:49:34 GMT; path =/; domain =


As shown in the preceding figure, when a user visits a website for the first time, the following five requests (such as) are sent to cnzz ):
1. Request the first js script (I name it cnzz. js)
2. The js Code in the previous step is executed on the client browser and an html file is requested from cnzz,
The content is only 1x1 invisible pixel, which is used to send parameter data
3. Request the second js script (I name it core. js)
4. After the script is executed in the user's browser, a new request is triggered to request a 1x1 image from,
The purpose is to generate a cookie on the server and return it to the browser.
5. After obtaining the cookie, the browser sends the cookie to, which is a server dedicated to cookie processing.

Then, set the new cookie to the domain and return it to the user's browser.

This is the first time that a user interacts with CNZZ.
Only the first three requests (for example, cnzz.stat.php, stat.html, and core. php)
The cookie contains cna = YuVcDKp/IhQCAXL/FAmu3PJk, which is used to determine the number of Unique Visitor.

The request is not followed because: In the second js file returned
"0" = m & k. callRequest ([l + "// Abc = 1 "])
The returned m = "1" means that the request is not executed.
// Note: Click webmaster statistics to view the statistics, but the result is basically 0.

What are the statistical principles of CNZZ51la and other statistical websites after adding a piece of JS?

JS on the page can collect a lot of information.
The address of the current page, the address of the previous page, the browser information, and even the user's operation information can be captured;

After the information is collected, ajax technology is used to send the information to the server for statistics and analysis.

What is the difference between Baidu statistics and cnzz and Google statistics?

Statistics tools are similar. cnzz focuses on website traffic statistics and Baidu statistics, while Google statistics focuses on analyzing users' behaviors,

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