Analysis of difficulty and break-even ratio of keyword optimization

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How to search engine optimization? A subject that can be pondered. The reason why people are so resistant to thinking is because there are too many uncertainties. Some sites are suitable to do their best to optimize, even at the expense of hiring SEO engineers are also worth it. But there are some sites, not suitable for SEO, but the enterprise to hire seoer engineers, the end of the loss. Why do you say that? In fact, the binary system thinks: in the commercial competition, the keyword optimization should be treated rationally, but not like some enterprises in order to compete blindly do keyword optimization. Some words are not to be missed, and some words are not necessary to persist. How to make keyword optimization difficult and balanced? is the topic that we focus on today.

If you are not very clear keyword is worth to optimize, still hesitate to consider whether will outweigh the gains, may wish to read the following content:

 One: The key words with relevant amount below 3 million

What does 3 million of the relevant information mean? In Seoer's eyes, it represents a watershed in the degree of difficulty in keyword optimization. It can be said that the relevant information in less than 3 million of the key words are easier to optimize up, the optimization is relatively low. For such a keyword optimization, the general site is not too big optimization problem, keep the chain, the content of the continuous update, on the home page can be said to be more relaxed. Here the binary makes an assessment: 2000 dollars within the consumption, can be the key word on the homepage, even if not hired seoer. As for these 2000 dollars how to do? stationmaster you understand. For example: Replace the stable server, find A5 optimization team to do a comprehensive and thorough site diagnostics, buy some high-quality links?

  Second: The relevant amount within 5 million of the key words

Here said 5 million refers to the 3 million-6 million in the keyword index information, this type of keyword to do, the difficulty is in the. Keywords have such a huge amount of information index, it must have been occupied by some people, others want to meddle, you can say already have a no small difficulty. For such a keyword, the binary gives the optimal evaluation price: 7000, if higher, it may not be worth it (not business keywords). What can you do with 8000 bucks? Find an engineer to optimize the keyword to the home page, and then maintain their own constant maintenance, the problem is not very big. Note: Grassroots can not be too grassroots, reluctant to invest in, never do small.

 Third: The relevant quantity above 6 million key words

Such a keyword, can be said in the industry are a hot spot, basically has a lot of websites have started to do "search engine promotion", and thus its importance can be seen. Other people do not hesitate to do the search engine promotion before the first page of the keyword, you do not spend a penny want to do it? The difficulty is very high, of course, this premise is: Webmaster is not proficient in optimization, manpower is to create value of the first productivity. Generally such a keyword, want to maintain in the home page, even if you do site optimization, each month's input will not be less where to go. If you say you didn't spend a penny on it, how about it? Is your labor worthless? According to the keyword difficulty, combined with the balance of payments reference quote: 10,000-30,000.

Of course, in these data and price reference, we need to add some specific conditions: 1, search engine promotion in 3 below. 2, Baidu index below 500. 3, there is no large site to participate in the competition keyword. 4, Related words home page at least 7 domain name is the top-level domain name.

As a webmaster, are you good at entrepreneurship? Binary network/Heguijiang ( It's more about whether you're going to make a reasonable investment. If according to keyword optimization difficult coefficient, decide whether investment optimization, how much is the most appropriate investment? If the webmaster can combine the two organically, it will not create the Internet so many entrepreneurial failure rate. If the content is an individual point of view, here is only a personal view.

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