Analysis of Ecmall Multi-user mall system, one of the preferred systems for e-commerce entrepreneurs

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Ecmall Product Positioning

Ecmall for small and medium-sized station community portal, using Php\mysql development, simple and easy to use. Ecmall not only suitable for the scale of the local, professional community website, has a lot of business resources certain site operation promotion capacity of the website operators can also use ecmall quickly build their own community e-commerce site.

With the popularization of Community e-commerce, online transactions are becoming more frequent. The interaction of regional e-commerce platform is more and more frequent, and the combination of Community e-commerce credit system and community reputation has become a trend of application. Ecmall will become a powerful tool for small and medium-sized communities and social networks, enabling small and medium-sized community portals to quickly build community e-commerce platforms and quickly find new profit points through community e-commerce services.

Ecmall Product Features

Ecmall with the community platform, through the ucenter can and Hong Sing products (discuz!/ucenter home, etc.) to close the combination, not only enable users to achieve a unified login log out and the sharing of resources, Also can make the behavior of the buyer and seller in the station through the way of feed event organic integration, in order to enhance the user's interactivity in the website. So as to enhance the stickiness of the website, the loyalty of users.

Ecmall in the user interface design has adopted a lot of new technology to make the product to achieve good and easy to use purposes, such as the Background tab mode of the interface, as well as the foreground product image Magnifier and so on. Ecmall Innovative template mechanism can adapt to different people to modify the template to achieve personalized needs, to meet the application of different sites.

Ecmall supports the functionality of the shopping cart and avoids the hassle of users needing to communicate with sellers when purchasing multiple items. At the same time, Ecmall's settlement process design can smoothly guide users to complete the transaction of orders, as far as possible to reduce the product in the settlement process of the drop rate. Ecmall has adopted the concept of SKU in commodity models, that is, each commodity has a separate product number, and each SKU can be bound to different product images, stock quantities, and commodity prices.

Ecmall in the code of the program Ecmall fully adopts the object-oriented (OOP) and MVC architecture design, ensuring that the program has good scalability and maintainability. The application of a single portal, effectively filtering a lot of illegal requests and data, as well as SQL injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, such as security issues have been special treatment, and through the program source code through the Professional Security Inspection Department of strict inspection to further ensure the security of the system.

Ecmall Community e-commerce system launched, is Hong sing to follow the Ecshop online shop software launched after a multi-user mall software, Ecmall for small and medium-sized community portals to carry out community e-commerce to provide the technology of consumer-based applications, for the Community e-commerce inserted wings flying.

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