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The loading speed of a website can affect your website in many ways. A study shows that 49% of users may abandon your site to your opponent's site because of the slow loading of your site. This means that we have to take steps to increase the load speed, reduce the speed of the user caused by the reduction, low conversion rate, high bounce rate. In addition, the loading speed of the page is also one of Google's metrics to measure a site's ranking. Faster loading speeds help you get the right rankings, so the optimization of load speeds should be part of our optimization strategy.

  Page load performance optimization includes:

Remove Unused CSS

Compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Narrowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Compress picture Display on site

 Enable browser caching

Fortunately, for those of us who use WordPress but do not know how to optimize the code to use Plug-ins and tools, then the following are several loading speed optimization plug-ins and tools.

 Database optimized WordPress plugin:

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache is a useful plugin for optimizing your Web pages. It can compress CSS and JS files, allow browser caching, delete CSS, JS and other unnecessary data. This will help save Web page load time, thus saving bandwidth, greatly improving the performance of the site.

Usegoogle Libraries

This plugin should be known to many people, Google will be a number of popular JavaScript framework on their own server, as a user of WordPress, we can use this plug-in direct Google's resources, thereby saving bandwidth resources, and as Google's server, Loading speed will be faster, which is also a great help to improve the load speed of the site. The method used is also very simple, just upload the file to space, and then enable it, do not have to do what configuration.


The main role of this plug-in is to clean up unused data to optimize your WordPress database. It can remove spam comments, spam, and so on from the site. Can be a good optimization of the WordPress database.

 Image optimization Plug-ins:

The images you use on your site should use valid formatting and compression to reduce the time users download pictures. It is recommended that you use a PNG or JPG image, unless you have an animated or more complex picture, do not use GIF format pictures. GIMP is an effective image editing program based on image optimization. Here are two simpler, more efficient, and open image optimization tools.


Lossless image compression will help you compress pictures that have no data or quality loss. You can use Jpegtran to adjust, transform, or crop a JPEG picture without fidelity.


OptiPNG is a PNG image optimization tool. OptiPNG can also convert BMP, GIF, PNM, and TIFF images to PNG format in addition to compressing the picture without losing any data.

These are just a few simple to optimize your WordPress site acceleration of the tools and methods, I hope to help. Of course, if you have other methods can also be added to the communication. This article is written by video MTV Cinema, reprint please indicate the source!

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