Analysis of if _ name __= = '_ main _' in Python

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This article mainly introduces the function parsing of if _ name ____ main _ in Python. this broken code is very common in Python. does it work? This article explains how it works. if you need a friend, you can refer to it when you open. in the py file, if _ name _ = '_ main _' is often displayed at the bottom of the code. now let's introduce its role.

A module is an object, and all modules have a built-in attribute _ name __. The value of _ name _ of a module depends on how you apply the module. If you import a module, the value of module _ name _ is usually the module file name, without the path or file extension. However, you can run a module directly like a standard program. in this case, the value of _ name _ is a special default value "_ main __".

//////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////

Run the. py file directly in cmd, and the value of _ name _ is '_ main __';

After importing A. py file, the value of __name _ is not '_ main;

Therefore, if _ name _ = '_ main _' is used to determine whether the. py file is directly running.

For example:

The code is as follows:

# Test. py

Class Test:

Def _ init (self): pass

Def f (self): print 'Hello, World! '

If _ name _ = '_ main __':

Test (). f ()

# End

In cmd, enter:

The code is as follows:

C:> python Test. py

Hello, World!

Note: "_ name _ = '_ main _'" is true.

In cmd, enter:

The code is as follows:

C:> python

>>> Import Test

>>> Test. _ name _ # Test module's _ name __


>>>__ Name _ # Current program's _ name __

'_ Main __'

In any case, "_ name _ = '_ main _'" in Test. py will not be true!

Therefore, the next line of code will never run!

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