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Some days ago in Baidu Webmaster Club to see a webmaster's post, said the site three times by K, the first time is the garbage chain is too ruthless, the second is the accumulation of keywords, the third is the whole station collection, no original. After being K, the webmaster in view before the IIS log, found Baidu spiders in the crawl part of the page after the status code returned 200 0 64. Dayu looked up related problems on the internet and found a lot of similar cases. Many seoer are offering "200 0 64 is a precursor to K" one said.


And Baidu Lee gave the answer is "we also cannot determine whether this state code will affect the crawl, but can be determined and baisuspider of the crawl behavior is irrelevant." It is recommended that you check the IIS configuration and the program on your site for any problems. ”

Even Lee can not give an accurate answer, but also for "200 0 64" put on a layer of mystery veil. Is "200 0 64" really the prelude before the disaster.

Dayu with this question, looked for the relevant information. In the MSDN Win32 status code details, the explanation for 64 is "the specified network name is no longer available." There are many possibilities leading to the problem, and the following Dayu sums up some common.

1, the server turned on gzip compression, back to normal after the shutdown.

2, Server computer Browser service, server services, workstation services, one of which is not working properly.

3, Apache configuration error, causing Apache and Winsock v2 conflict, there are 64 errors.

4, often occurs in the development of the Web site, after the program gets a response stream, unread content is closed, this situation is also a cause of 64.

5, similar to the fourth case, when IIS waits for the client ACK, the client chooses to reset or disconnect the link, and the status code returns 64.


Whichever of the above is possible, it is OK to have nothing to do with the Baisuspider crawl. Therefore, also excludes 200 0 64 is the site by K of the precursor one said. The first 3 due to server, IIS, Apache configuration problems, resulting in network unreachable, resulting in baisuspider can not be effectively crawled. The latter two may belong to customer service end behavior, the server did not get ACK response, resulting in baisuspider can not successfully crawl. This explains why the site was more frequent at the peak of the network with K and 200 0 64.

After 200 0 64, Dayu recommends that you check the server, IIS, or Apache configuration and network status immediately on your own or contact your space provider. After excluding the above possible, observe 200 0 64 frequency and do continuous monitoring, if long-term unresolved, can reflect this problem to Baidu. Article original, reproduced please indicate the source 788 China door and window curtain wall Talent network, thank you.

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