Analysis of illegal content detection methods for Baidu cloud offline downloads

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Recently, the country began a round of net operations to clear pornographic content on the Internet. Major Internet manufacturers have begun to take actions. For example, Baidu cloud's offline download, which was very useful in the past, was once closed. Later, this classic word appeared, and cannot be downloaded because the illegal content is blocked.

In fact, not all blocked videos are unhealthy videos. Some of them are simply because the file name contains some words. For example, almost all the gun versions in the United States cannot be downloaded and tested offline by Baidu cloud. It is said that this method is still detected in thunder and other places. Therefore, let's analyze how the detection is implemented.

First, I uploaded a BT file. The content in the BT file is a movie in the tiangtiangu, but I changed the file name to a file name containing sensitive words, and the image will not be uploaded, baidu cloud prompt me decisively that illegal content will not be downloaded. However, my seed is clearly the secret of heaven, and Sun Wukong is also sensitive? Haha, speechless. Next, we will change the seed file name back to the tiangtiangu city. After the upload is complete, it will be decisive and smooth.

can we explain it here, baidu cloud detection is a simple file name-based detection? The answer is no. Baidu is so awesome Internet companies, how can they simply use the method of pediatrics to block it, so it is not possible to change the file name to easily refer to the past? Let's do a test. I found an unhealthy seed and tested it. The file name was broken down into a mixture of numbers and letters. I found that Baidu cloud repeatedly prompted me that it contained illegal content. It can be proved that Baidu cloud will carefully read the files in the seeds and query the file names one by one.
to bypass this, someone on the Internet seems to have suggested that you can use bencode editor to edit the seed file, however, after the test, the success rate is not high, and this software is a high-tech software. It is easy to use and completely ungrounded. However, modifying the Seed Internal Parameters seems to have a high technical content, in a blog saw a website, very perfect to achieve the modification of the BT file internal information. After several tests, it is completely blocked.
it seems that some seed files cannot be offline even if they are blocked, in addition, it seems that the hash code of the seed has changed after cleaning. As a result, the original resource information cannot be found during file hash authentication on the cloud disk, and some seed cannot be downloaded. Some tracker servers also seem to have crashed, which may lead to resource unavailability and seem complicated.
next article describes how to obtain magnetic links, bt2.0 should be much better than pure seeds.

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