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The topic discussed by webmasters in various forums with the increase in the downgrading of Baidu K station is also this type of problem. Many people have answered such questions long ago. Today, I wrote such an article to summarize these problems.

Inconsistency between site and domain snapshots (snapshot rollback ):

This problem is mainly caused by the inconsistency between Baidu's official site and domain mechanisms. The two different "services" have different page capturing times, in addition, Baidu saves valid snapshot pages for different times in the database. In some special cases, the search engine automatically selects a snapshot version different from the current search result, it will also cause a snapshot rollback.

Detailed Baidu official statement:

The site homepage is not the first domain:

This question was recently considered a sign of downgrading and is now overturned. At present, due to Baidu's "popularity" issue, a large number of websites that do not have permission downgrading will encounter domain not in the first place. You don't need to worry about such problems.

The site homepage is not the first domain:

The site homepage does not come first. In most cases, the homepage is downgraded. The next step may be that the homepage is K or the whole site is K. All kinds of webmaster tools will query the site homepage in the not-first place, so as long as you find that the site homepage is not in the first place, it is likely that the permission is downgraded, but the knowledge is very likely, not necessarily. There are other reasons for non-permission downgrading when the homepage is not in the first place, for example, the second-level domain name and second-level directory have higher weights than the homepage.

Domain anti-chain problem:

Most people think of domain as the anti-chain of websites, and major tools are also misleading Webmasters. As shown in the figure above, chinaz directly interprets domain as a anti-chain. In fact, this is an inaccurate name. Let's call it domain.

Domain can reflect some anti-chain situations, but the anchor text is not available, and there are a lot of irrelevant "anti-chain", such as my search domain: A large amount of information is displayed after anti-chain. Prove what? Baidu word segmentation.

What should I do if my website is denied:

Troubleshooting and restoration of website downgrading

Cause analysis and handling of website access K


The ranking has not declined, and the indexing decline and snapshot issues are all floating clouds.

There is no relation between the snapshot and the ranking.

Under normal circumstances, the site homepage should be in the first place, and all major tools will have relevant checks. However, it cannot be said that downgrading is not the first priority.

Baidu is a frequent fan, but not every time Baidu is a fan.

It is actually downgrading.

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