Analysis of market development prospect of apparel customization

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from the point of view of costume design, how to meet the demand of apparel customization is mainly divided into collection, analysis, collation and utilization of information . Understand customer information and needs , design development and customization in the design of collaboration in these four aspects to study. In the actual design and production , different enterprises in the market positioning, market development, marketing strategies and financial settlement of the way are different.

Apparel customization Industry in China's market development is still in the initial stage , the variety of custom clothing, different levels, but these different existence, its fundamental purpose is to meet the needs of a variety of customers. From the purpose of apparel customization, through the analysis of the history and status quo of clothing customization, study the situation of clothing custom consumer groups, to find out the differences between different groups, to develop targeted marketing programs to play a role in the inspiration, to find clothing customized enterprises in the market can develop space for the future development of China's apparel custom market point out some direction.

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People's way of life is gradually diversified , the demand is also changing, the people of different ethnic groups have not the same consumption demand and life concept . At present , clothing customization has a great market demand, along with people's Daily life level of improvement, consumers more and more pursuit of personalized lifestyle, hope that they can be different, so there is a certain demand for clothing.

People now choose clothing customization , in fact, by customizing this method to meet their individual needs. People not only want to buy their own clothing, but also enjoy a unique service and experience. As a result, the re-prosperity of clothing customization changed the way people used to consume clothing. As each consumer demand for clothing is different, and clothing can only meet the needs of some of the established consumers, so the development of clothing customization to the Internet is an inevitable trend.

Analysis of market development prospect of apparel customization

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