Analysis of OCP questions 053-16 MEMORY_TARGET, ocp053-16

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Analysis of OCP questions 053-16 MEMORY_TARGET, ocp053-16

16. Setting which of the following initialization parameters enables Automatic Memory Management?





The MEMORY_MAX_TARGET parameter is added to the 11g file. This parameter is as refreshing as the first SGA_MAX_SIZE parameter appears in 10g. Memory_max_target is used to set the maximum memory space occupied by Oracle to OS, and the maximum memory space occupied by Oracle SGA. Undoubtedly, the 11 GB Oracle goes further toward automatic memory management. The sga_max_size of 10 Gb is dynamically allocated to the Shared Pool Size, database buffer cache, large pool, java pool, and redo log buffer, only the size of each memory block of SGA is re-allocated based on the Oracle running status. The. 11g MEMORY_MAX_TARGET parameter needs to be set separately in 10g PGA. The parameter contains two parts of memory, one is System global area (SGA) and the other is system global area (PGA ). Obviously, PGA and SGA can be dynamically managed in 11 GB. MEMORY_TARGET -- maximum memory value that Oracle can use from the operating system perspective. The maximum value that can be set by the dynamic parameter MEMORY_MAX_TARGET--MEMORY_TARGET. Non-dynamic adjustable. Tip: If pfile is used and MEMORY_TARGET is set, but the value of MEMORY_MAX_TARGET is not specified, the value of MEMORY_MAX_TARGET after the instance is started is equal to MEMORY_TARGET. If MEMORY_MAX_TARGET is specified in pfile but MEMORY_TARGET is not specified, MEMORY_TARGET is 0 after the instance is started.
1) Automatic Memory Management the default installed instance is AMM. The following SQL> show parameters target NAME TYPE VALUE contains invalid parameter archive_lag_target integer 0 contains integer 1440 fast_start_io_target integer 0 contains integer 0 memory_max_target big integer 1216 M memory_target big integer 1216 M contains big integer 0 sga_target big integer 0 Note that both SGA_TARGET and SGA_TARGET are 0.

Oracle is installed in linux. Some parameter problems are caused by MEMORY_TARGET and MEMORY_MAX_TARGET.

This is a parameter of the 11g version. The memory is automatically managed, that is, the size of the SGA and PGA regions. Oracle will automatically adjust and manage the parameters. This parameter is available after installation. This is the oracle memory parameter. It can be modified. There are two methods: 1. Run the command to modify the file: alter system set parameter name = value scope = spfile; or create the spfile file as a pfile file and convert it into a spfile, restart Oracle. Command: create spfile from pfile; and create pfile from spfile;

Oracle 11g r2 memory_target is too small. How can this problem be solved? Windows 32-bit resetting fails to prompt an error

Modify the initialization parameters in the pfile file, start the database with pfile, and generate spfile Based on pfile.

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