Analysis of problems encountered in Student information management system

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Project Overview: To be a simple student information management system

Requirements: Student information additions and deletions to change, the results of additions and deletions. The automatically generated number.

Tools: Microsoft Enterprise Library and MINIUI

Problems and workarounds: (There are similar problems and workarounds in the previous blog post, where redundant text is no longer written)

1 overall ideas (transmission of data ideas)

I'm talking from the background: Database fetch data (DataTable)--(ArrayList)--->hashtable---> "Business Process"-(JSON Class) parsing to Json--> (Mini.decode)-- >js Object---(Page show)

2 Unique constraint substitution trigger

The previous blog posts are:

33-tier architecture

The three-tier architecture (3-tier architecture) typically has a three-tier architecture that divides the entire business application into: the interface layer (User Interface layer), the business logic layer, the data access layer Access layer). The purpose of distinguishing hierarchy is to think of "high cohesion and low coupling". In the design of software architecture, layered structure is the most common and most important structure. Microsoft's recommended layered structure is generally divided into three tiers, from bottom to top: The data access layer, the business logic layer (or also called the domain layer), the presentation layer.

Distinguishing methods:

1: Data access layer: The main view of the data layer contains no logical processing, in fact, its various functions mainly to complete the operation of the data files. Without having to worry about other operations. 2: Business Logic Layer: mainly responsible for the operation of the data layer. In other words, the operation of some data layers is combined. 3: Presentation layer: The primary request is accepted by the user, and the data is returned, providing the client with access to the application.

Analysis of problems encountered in Student information management system

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