Analysis of rewards for World of Warcraft fight club

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We will give you a detailed explanation of the rewards for the World of Warcraft game.

Analysis and sharing:

Gold Coins of the combiner



The gold coins of the combiner are the new currency of the fight club. Used to buy challenge cards and some interesting buckets! A bitter's gold coin is used to encourage other players outside the game to help each other and BUFF each other: this currency brings it to a higher level.

Below are some BUFF-type items that you can buy with gold coins:



A bag of cracked dice, 100 gold coins from the fight. "Give Bizmo beizmo The Bodyguard at the Fight Club to get a random fight mode for the next 30 minutes ."







The contract of a zombie, with 100 gold coins. "The shopping opportunity for the Gochi gold chain offered to the bizmo beat club lasted for 30 minutes ." You can guess who will win the next battle, and you will be rewarded with "profit-making ". For ten consecutive guesses, winning profit-only charts will reward "trained guesses ".





A blood-stained angel statue with 250 gold coins. "Lidia Peton, who handed it over to the biz Mobo club, bought a cemetery in the fight club for 30 minutes ." You will get a "Soul Doctor of the fight ".



The boxer's potion distributor, with 500 gold coins. "Quekkin Bush handed over to the bizmobice club bought a bucket of potion and offered free potion to everyone in the next 30 minutes ."



VIP room rental table, 1000 combiner gold coins. "The bodyguard in the VIP room handed over to the biz mobice club will allow everyone to enjoy the VIP room for free within 10 minutes !" The VIP Room has a superb view to watch the fight, and is usually only open to RANK8 players.









There are vendors inside (Mrs jaesfa <luxury food merchant> Mozer · wheel silk <rare and luxury beverage merchant>) selling strange foods, such as "mechanical bird foie gras", and cocktail parties for liquor drinks. Money and secret wine are the most famous thing for traders. It needs to be purchased at GB and will let you spit out a lot of golden stuff for one minute in a row ......









Free drink coupon, 1000 gold coins for combiner. "Let's buy a free 2-minute drink for everyone at the byosmopai Club's barrier, Tang Siri !" The new drinks include "warrior spirits", "old-year spirits", and "boxer's beer ".





Most of the ways to obtain the gold coins of the combiner are to win the battle. Of course, there will also be other creative ways to get the gold coins, such as the gambling "profit-only figure" or "task"! Everyone loves to watch the fight-Watch 5 matches and reward 100 gold coins for the fight ." "! Attach your sledgehammer-your followers discovered the success of the three sledgehammer club. Wait for this "symbol" (hammer) to go to the fight club and reward 20 gold coins for the fight ."

New chaos

The fight card costs 500 yuan for the fight. This new combat situation allows all players to join the fight!

















Rewards for military officers

New pet:

Little galon Tylarr








Professional Hall followers:



The bullet became a follower when he was in Delano, and now he can also serve as a follower in the career Hall. There is also a related task to beat the bullet :! I feel terrible.-can you beat the bullet?

A powerful flying ring from a boxer

New transfer ring:



This mount was dug out long ago.

Video and image preview of lizard

New challenge card shirt

Like Drano's challenge card BOSS, defeating the special legion and then challenging the card will also reward the shirt.



All right, the above information is the detailed explanation and sharing of the rewards of the fight club for the players of the World of Warcraft game. You can see the players here, I believe that you are very clear about the rewards now. I hope that the information provided by the mini-editor can help you with your games.

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