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The Python language is famous for its elegant design and rapid development efficiency, and has won the favor of many developers. The final version of Python 3000 was released in December. The new version of Python 3.0 is different from version 2.x. Many built-in object details such as dictionaries and strings have undergone great changes, and some contents of the Standard Library have been reorganized. Python support is not included in the download package of NetBeans IDE 6.5.

However, NetBeans IDE also launched a 28 m Python Early Access version for Python programmers. When downloading and installing, the Early Access version will automatically find the installation location of the existing NetBeans. The Python language is integrated into the existing NetBeans IDE during installation.

After you start NetBeans IDE, you can choose to create a new Python project in the new project or create a Python project based on existing code. Of course, Python EA can also be found in available plug-ins of NetBeans 6.5 and updated and installed online. Currently, the default Python parser in IDE is Jython 2.5 beta. developers can add Python interpreters implemented in other C languages as needed. Python EA provides code editing features such as highlighting, code folding, and smart sensing for Python encoding.

At the same time, IDE provides the Python Command Execution console, as well as code debuggers supporting Jython and CPython. Python EA still has a small Bug on the Mac platform, but it can solve the problem according to the method given in the contact group.

The NetBeans Wiki also shows how to use Python EA in version 6.5. Python support has been officially included in the release of NetBeans IDE. Python is generally considered an explanatory language, but this statement is incorrect.

In fact, Python will first compile the source code in the. py file into the byte code bytecode of Python during execution, and then the compiled byte code will be executed by Python Virtual Machine. The basic idea of this mechanism is consistent with that of Java and. NET.

However, what is different between Python Virtual Machine and Java or. NET Virtual Machine is that Python Virtual Machine is a more advanced Virtual Machine. The level here is not generally advanced, not that Python's Virtual Machine is more powerful than Java or. NET.

In contrast to Java or. NET, Python's Virtual Machine is far from a real Machine. Alternatively, Python Virtual Machine is a Virtual Machine with a higher abstraction level.
C-based Python compiled bytecode files, usually in. pyc format.

In actual development, python is often nicknamed the glue language, which does not mean that it will stick your fingers, instead, he can easily connect various modules made in other languages, especially C/C ++. A common application scenario is.

Use python to quickly generate program prototypes, sometimes even the final interface of the Program), and then rewrite the components with special requirements in a more appropriate language, such as the graphic rendering module in 3D games, if the speed requirement is very high, you can use C ++ to rewrite it.

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