Analysis of TD-SCDMA Wireless Access Network Interface Test

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TD-SCDMA Wireless Access Network has a lot worth learning, here we mainly introduce TD-SCDMA Wireless Access Network Local Network Management System Interface Test. This paper introduces the Interface Test Strategy of the local network management system of TD-SCDMA wireless access network, which provides a way of thinking for the test design and testing operator in the network management system interface test.


TD-SCDMA Wireless Access Network consists of Node B and RNC, RNC as a wireless network controller, through the Iub interface can be connected to hundreds of Node B. The local Maintenance Management System of Node B is generally called the LMT-B, the local Maintenance Management System of RNC is called the LMT-R, And the OMC-R is the integrated network management system that manages multiple RNC and Node B. OMC-R through RNC through E1/STM1 line IPOA to achieve the management of Node B equipment, generally deployed in the mobile carrier equipment room, for the maintenance and management of network operation process. TD-SCDMA Wireless Access Network System diagram 1.

TD-SCDMA local Maintenance Management System in TD-SCDMA wireless access network system also plays a very important role. On the one hand, in the TD-SCDMA Wireless Access Network System for network deployment, equipment installation, engineering and technical personnel need to through the local network management system for TD-SCDMA wireless access equipment parameter configuration and debugging; on the other hand, TD-SCDMA wireless access network equipment in the late maintenance and upgrade, also often used in Local Network Management System Fault Location, performance analysis, Network Configuration Parameter Modification, system operating software updates. Whether the interaction information between the local network management system and wireless access network devices is accurate and available. The interface test is critical.

Interface Test of the Local Network Management System

In practice, we completed the interface test between the LMT-B and Node B, between the LMT-R and RNC. This paper takes the interface test between LMT-B and Node B as an example to explain the Interface Test Method of Local Network Management System of TD-SCDMA Wireless Access Network. The interface Diagram 2 of the tested LMT-B and Node B shows that the interaction messages between them are divided into three categories: Standard SNMP Packets, custom messages based on TCP connections and FTP-based file transmission. Standard SNMP messages are used for management information transmission between LMT-B and Node B OM proxy module during normal system operation; custom messages are used for information sending and receiving and parameter configuration during system initialization; the file transfer between the LMT-B and the Node B om proxy module uses FTP, The LMT-B as the server, and the Node B OM proxy as the client. The data received by the LMT-B is stored in the form of data files and database tables, and the database interface adopts the ADO standard interface.

Obviously, if the LMT-B system and Node B device after the development of the two directly connected to the interface test, it will appear difficult to locate Software defects. When there is an error in the interaction information between the two, it is difficult to judge whether it is the problem of Node B OM module, or the LMT-B has defects in message processing, so measures must be taken to avoid this phenomenon. The strategy is to seek one or more simulation testing tools to test the interfaces of Node B OM and LMT-B respectively. After all the test cases or most of the measurable cases pass, then the LMT-B and Node B equipment docking test.

Test the Node B OM Interface

To test the Node B OM interface, you need to find a simulation tool similar to the local maintenance management site. The interface for analyzing the tested Node B OM mainly uses SNMP, and maintenance operations are based on the management information library (MIB ). SNMP is a Simple Network Management Protocol widely used in mobile network systems. MIB is an abstraction of the management object structure. It is a conceptual database consisting of management objects and is described in ASN.1. Through research, found that most of the MIB browser tools can meet the test requirements, and these tools are generally strictly tested, stable operation, such as: MG-SOFT MIB browser developed by MG-SOFT company; SNMPv3 MIB browser developed by AdventNet. We only need to provide the MIB of Node B to use these tools to perform Get and Set configuration management operations. In addition, these tools provide Trap monitoring to monitor and analyze whether the Trap messages sent by Node B meet product requirements. It should be noted that the MG-SOFT MIB browser must be provided by the MIB Compiler tool, the MIB compiled into the database can be used, adventNet's SNMPv3 MIB browser can directly load MIB for use.

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