Analysis of the cause of the low heat dissipation of notebook computer

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Some people say that the heat problem exists only in the game, like the business itself calorific value is small, there will be no heat dissipation problem. But is that the case? Some design unreasonable notebook computer calorific value is big, do not say to play the game, is ordinary office Internet can feel the keyboard, hard disk, CPU fan area heat wave rolling, and even hot, the fan is a moment of non-stop work, the noise makes hot summer more restless, outside is so hot, What about the inside of that book? The temperature may have already reached the prohibition line range, do you feel relieved?

Notebook computers also belong to electronic products, the service life is not infinite, in a good environment to work can greatly extend the life of the book. Temperature is the most important factor in environmental factors, too high temperature will make electronic components in advance aging scrap, this is not want to see. Many laptops due to cost limitations and design process reasons, heat dissipation module do not very good, heat dissipation capacity is limited, at ordinary times can also cope with, summer is powerless, there are problems of heat dissipation, although there are emergency shutdown processing, but think about it, you use your own business has just written a two-hour program, How do you feel about the sudden overheating shutdown and your files not being saved?

The reason why the notebook does not heat well:

1, CPU heat and CPU cooling device Jerry (manufacturers forced by market competition and price war pressure had to do so, the original use of large copper, now reduce the volume and even the use of aluminum)

2, fan wind is not enough or unreasonable design

3, the machine design is not perfect, the heat can not be distributed in time

4, the shell material cooling capacity is poor, especially the use of plastic shell, and aluminum alloy will be much better

5, the use of independent graphics machines will further increase the calorific value of the machine, and the use of ordinary electronic components will also increase calorific value (low-end models will have this situation)

6, lightweight due to the size and weight of the restrictions have to compress the cooling module, the reduction of internal space also affects the heat dissipation

7, due to the main board of the material savings, so that the heat is tasteless, but also a major source of thermal problems

A poorly-cooled laptop is apt to fall into a dead loop: bad heat--temperature rises--the cooling fan works at full capacity--fan aging, noise increases--heat dissipation ability drops--the laptop temperature is higher, the radiator is damaged, although in the business model, the proportion of this problem is not particularly high, but still not negligible.

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