Analysis of the Characteristics and disadvantages of CCD Dr

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1) Super omnipotent space CCD:
In the publicity materials of domestic merchants of ccd dr, their Dr is called Super CCD, universal CCD, N-generation CCD, and even space CCD (foreign standard manufacturers generally do not do this ), in fact, the so-called space technology is purely human, because all CCD technologies come from the earliest spyware satellite detection technology to replace the disposable plastic film boxes that must be recycled, satellite photos can be taken for a long time and 24 hours without interruption. Digital photos are directly sent back to the ground. Even the digital cameras you and I use come from space CCD technology in a broad sense. Currently, this technology is mostly used on earlier-grade gastrointestinal machines (flat plates are used for high-grade gastrointestinal machines) and digital imaging machines.
2) Cr price, Dr quality:
This is the advertisement of a CCD Dr manufacturer. We can talk about whether the product has the quality of DR, but its price is indeed similar to that of CR, the Customs declaration price for a fully-imported CCD Dr is about 50 thousand US dollars, and the price for domestically assembled CCD Dr is cheaper. As a matter of fact, the market price of a digital camera of more than 10 million is several thousand yuan, and the cost price of the CCD manufacturer, which is the core detector of ccd dr, is also up to 2-3 thousand yuan.
3) interference and noise:
CCD Dr is not directly imaged as a flat DR, which is called a false dr, before the digital signal is converted into an image, the image must be transmitted and processed through multiple levels, such as flickering screen, image booster, lens, mirror, CCD, and A/D conversion, therefore, there are inevitably a series of prominent problems such as high attenuation and high interference.
4) X-ray dose:
Due to the above attenuation problem, in order to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, the only method for CCD Dr is to increase the signal strength of the original signal. Therefore, another prominent problem common to CCD is the same patient and shooting location, but the CCD exposure conditions are much higher than that of flat. The large X-ray dose seriously affects the physical and mental health of radiation surgeons and subjects. The ball tubes, High-Voltage Generators, power supply circuits, and other long-term work in heavy load conditions are also very vulnerable to damage.
5) geometric distortion:
The principle of CCD Dr imaging is to put a small lens CCD digital camera after the large image booster (14/17). Due to the majority of non-vertical propagation of visible light, therefore, the image is subject to obvious geometric distortion, which is also called Bucket distortion. After computer post-processing, the image restoration is seriously affected (a simple test method: Use a high-pixel digital camera to take a 14*17 chest X-ray that is flat on a video lamp, if you still cannot see the image distortion, take a closer look at whether the original straight lines around the film are straight lines; in daily life, there is also such a problem of geometric distortion around the old crt TV and display images ).
6) quadratic geometric distortion:
Some companies add a prism (90-degree conversion) to the optical path after the X-Ray turns visible light to make the CCD Detector not as long as the barrel ), this practice makes CCD Detectors no longer as long as the barrel, but people with a little physical knowledge know that there is also geometric distortion after the visible light turns 90 degrees through the prism, therefore, this type of CCD Detector image is almost distorted twice, and its image authenticity is even more doubtful (digital cameras use this technology because: 1, CCD is cheap; 2, CCD is small; 3. Almost distortion of the image does not affect the overall viewing effect of the art image. Because ordinary photography images focus more on art, X-ray images focus more on image authenticity ).
7) 14/16 bit gray scale:
Generally, the fluorescent screen in front of CCD is coated with caocu. The original gray scale of the image is not greater than 12 bits. After the optical refraction system and photoelectric conversion, the actual gray scale cannot be greater than 10 bits, and the image level information content is insufficient, there are limits on the scope of use abroad, for example, it cannot be used for the diagnosis of silicon lung. The so-called 14-or 16-bit gray scale of CCD Dr is produced by noise suppression and expansion after computer software processing. Any Dr or even Cr can achieve this, however, there is no practical significance in the clinical diagnosis. Of course, it is useful for users who can seek out a few skills during the sales process. The gray-scale value of Dr must be original, collected, transmitted, stored, displayed, and printed at 14bit, which is truly a 14bit machine, but many manufacturers cannot, because even if your Dr is 14bit, most displays only 10bit, unless you use a dedicated medical display from companies such as Eizo yizhuo in Japan, the price is very expensive. When you look at the CCD manufacturer's machines, please observe carefully the monitors they are equipped. In order to save money, the sold machines basically all use civilian displays (10bit) like Dell and other companies. Of course, their original gray scale is also 10bit, the configuration of Medical display is also a waste for CCD dr.
8) high pixel value of 17 million:
Pixel value is indeed an important parameter for evaluating image quality, but the 17 million that CCD Dr manufacturers say is actually also a deception to consumers. As mentioned above, the pixel values of Dr must also be consistent with those of raw data collection, transmission, storage, display, and printing, due to defects in the manufacturing process and materials used, CCD Dr generally keeps the pixel value of the original image collected by the camera, which does not exceed 4 million pixels. In addition to the interference during later transmission, their signals were less than 3 million effective pixels before CCD shooting. As you can imagine, does it make sense to take a 17 million-pixel digital camera to take a 3 million-pixel target image? (We finally see that more pixels on the CCD Dr image are filled and expanded using computer technology. The general algorithm is to add two adjacent pixels and divide them by two, then, the interpolation goes between two pixels. The interpolation pixel is not the real original image information)
9) 17*17 large-scale imaging:
The product configuration table of a CCD Dr is written as follows: detector array: Single-Chip non-spliced vhd CCD detector, size: 43x 43 cm (17*17 ). This description can be understood as the size of the core detector component of the CCD Dr is 17*17. In fact, their detector's front-end iodine part is 17*17, but after a layer-by-layer conversion (CCD Dr is not a direct imaging, the final size of the detector CCD is only a little larger than a circle of coins. The most direct consequence of the Small Size Detector in detecting large-sized images is the geometric distortion mentioned above.
10) pixel size:
CCD Dr claims that the pixel size is about 108 microns, while Ge, Siemens, and Philips Dr use a much larger pixel size than this value. Theoretically, the smaller the pixel size, the clearer the image, but the company's Dr images above are much clearer than those of CCD. Why? In fact, some sellers mislead consumers. We usually call the pixel size from the initial collection to the final display. The pixel size of the front-end phocitic part is generally about-microns, and their later CCD is too small, therefore, the pixel size cannot be larger. Therefore, the pixel size of 108 microns has no practical significance. What doctors need is a Dr machine that can produce real and clear images, rather than spending money on a fake parameter or bidding document. After all, the story of the paper is rare in our well-educated hospital management.
11) huge detectors weighing 250 kilograms:
CCD imaging requires multiple transmission and processing of signals, so its volume is much larger and heavier than that of a flat panel detector. Generally, it even weighs more than 250 kilograms, it is ten times the size of a flat panel detector, which is not conducive to daily use (for example, a single board detector needs to be moved during shooting, for example, shooting more than 100 people a day, as you can imagine, such as using ccd dr, one day, your arm will be broken, and an athlete is expected to be trained in the hospital in a year ).
12) Slow imaging speed:
Because CCD Dr is not directly imaged, the image signal needs to be converted multiple times, which greatly increases the imaging time. In addition, the computer image requires a large amount of post-processing, therefore, the actual imaging speed of CCD Dr is much lower than that of flat panel detector.
13) poor image authenticity:
Because the original ccd dr Images are poor, they need to be processed after a large number of computers. Although the quality of the images displayed in front of the operating doctor is worse than the image quality captured by the amorphous silicon DR, doctors can also make use of it. However, the image is different from the actual patient's tissue structure. In other words, the same patient, the same lesion, the images taken with ccd dr and flat Dr are not only the difference in image quality, but also the differences between the two images in the organizational structure. In this regard, I think it is definitely not acceptable to the majority of Operation doctors, even if it is a little error. It is worth noting that, at present, the gray-scale values of all the cameras on the market are 12 bit, so CCD and flat-panel Films cannot fully reflect the advantages of flat-panel high-quality images, you can look at the image on the Bibi medical display, that is, soft reading. The ability to achieve soft reading is also one of the important reasons for the widespread use of DR in hospitals (but CCD Dr businesses generally do not recommend the use of medical display, which will expose their horse feet ).
14) service life and maintenance:
When introducing products to users, CCD sales staff will emphasize that their product maintenance costs are extremely low. But anyone who knows about their product structure knows that CCD in CCD Dr is only a small part of its imaging unit (less than 5KG in weight ), his imaging also requires a series of components, such as the photo enhancement device (including a high-voltage generator), the lens, and the fan, with a total weight of more than 200KG. All businesses are happy and don't report any worries. CCD is indeed not easy to damage (even if it is broken, it will be several thousand yuan), but the flickering screen of iodine is easy to aging and has a certain service life; the image enhancement device is a high-power component (This component requires high pressure, which produces high temperature and requires a heat dissipation fan). Therefore, it is very easy to damage and expensive; the physical location of the mirror may be offset in the long-term use, which will inevitably affect the image quality of the machine. Because detectors with a total weight of more than 200KG need to change different positions every day, therefore, the mechanical part is easily damaged. The failure rate is far lower than that of CCD Dr because amorphous silicon Dr is directly imaged and there are no large power-consuming components such as image enhancement devices. Even if it breaks down, all the amorphous silicon tablets can be repaired, and the cost of the most expensive parts will not exceed 30 thousand yuan. People who say that the tablet cannot be repaired either do not understand the business or do not have any intention.
15) market share:
Almost all people of insight in the radiation field know that CCD is an extremely backward and will be eliminated X-ray image processing technology. However, in the publicity materials of some CCD Dr manufacturers, we often see their product comparison tables. The other joke is that they rank first in terms of product performance, image quality, and customer satisfaction, philips, Simens, GE and other world-renowned companies are far inferior to their Dr products. They are excited for such behaviors that do not respect science and consumers! Fortunately, practice is the only criterion for truth testing. Currently, the mainstream Dr manufacturers use the amorphous silicon flat panel detector, which represents the highest scientific and technological level; the newly purchased Dr of the mainstream top three hospitals in China all use the amorphous silicon flat panel detector. Imagine, the CCD Dr, Which is claim to be 14bit, 17 million pixels, and 3.4lp/mm, cannot convince the radiology directors who have read numerous major hospitals all day and finally take advantage of the cheap price and favorable payment conditions. purchase, this is enough to illustrate the huge difference between the two. According to data published on the website of IDC (ccd dr), their global sales of CCD Dr is only about 300 units, but China has sold more than 200 units, accounting for 2/3 of the company's share. Does this data show that foreigners are richer than us or that some of us are more knowledgeable about goods than them? Looking at the entire European and American markets, the market share of CCD Dr is only about 5%.
16) CCD is afraid of the influence of dust in the air, so it is generally stored in the seal of the inert gas, but the inert gas is easy to leak, so it needs to be filled every year, which is time-consuming and consumes money!
17) the rubber gaskers that protect the sealing of inert gases are particularly prone to aging for a long time or high temperature and cold. Once aging is very headache, the image does not change obviously become very bad, and the change is costly. Therefore, CCD Detectors cannot be used in vehicles, because they can steam eggs in summer and ice cream in winter.
18) Buying CCD Dr is the same as using Cr, which means poverty and backwardness:
Many drawbacks of CCD are well known. Although the false parameters on CCD Dr data are printed very high, even though the marketing staff of CCD Dr are making great efforts, after all, they are hard to find a solution, in actual market sales, CCD is strong. Experts from major hospitals are determined to resist CCD Dr because of their rich product knowledge. Serving and sharing of cooperation may be the only effective method they can attract low-end users now (after all, about 50 thousand US dollars of purchase price is their biggest advantage ), therefore, the cost of Dr for CCD purchase has almost become synonymous with capital shortage and backward technology in hospitals.

The main purpose of hospital Dr purchase is to improve the diagnostic quality and work efficiency of radiology, while increasing economic benefits, it can also improve the grade and position of hospitals in sibling units. If a CCD product is purchased through advertising or cooperation, in a sense, the name of a Dr is lost, instead, they will be laughed at by their peers as they cannot afford a real DR, so they bought a fake dr to fill the facade.
Considering that ccd dr and flat Dr are not a good product at all, it is rumored that the charge for CCD Dr will decrease. We are not sure about this news. However, it is certain that with the increasingly mature digital medical market, the majority of medical workers will be more rational in choosing and purchasing Dr products, the outdated imaging technologies such as image enhancement devices and CCD will gradually fade out of the Dr market in a short time.


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