Analysis of the Characteristics of my constellation virgo

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Wisdom is the key to happiness


People in Virgo generally have reverence and desire to be close to knowledgeable people. He believes that knowledge is very important. Rich knowledge can make people accessible between heaven and earth, and will not be troubled by the mysteries of fate. When the mystery of fate is blocked in front of him, it will arouse his strong desire for shopping and make him interpret it from various angles with great enthusiasm.


Therefore, Virgos know how to comfort a frustrated friend. He has a strong thinking ability, collection, analysis, induction, reorganization and integration, and has always been dedicated to his homework. It is admirable.


Unfortunately, this kind of knowledge is too simple in terms of common sense, so that it is often thought that he is a low energy. But at least, he still takes care of his home status. He may not be able to tell the proper location of an important theater or art gallery in Taipei, but he knows anything about any book or pen in his study.


If you are paranoid about knowledge (or you can say intellectual), those in Virgo will find that wisdom is the key to happiness. In spirit, he always has a kind of noble spirit. Order and ethics are the inevitable conditions for his existence in society. You may think that he is cautious, but it is better to say that he is serious in his friends, because Virgo is not a joke on the External table, he will be happy to see some meaning in this joke.


Virgos refuse to surrender to the authority, but fear the unattainable wise. They are suitable for employees. As leaders, it is against nature and will be thankless.


  Stubborn perfectionist


When we talk about Virgos, what we like most is their extraordinary perseverance. It takes a lot of time to decide what will be done, and you will be loyal to them. He may be worried, but he will never talk about despair. He prefers to plan ahead and think about the advantages of everything. In the family, this kind of person is a reassurance.


Virgo is a perfect perfectionist. The pursuit of perfection does not require talent, but tenacious vitality and endless perseverance. Even if the ideal he pursues all his life has not appeared in the fashion of death, he will be stunned because it exists. It's just that it hasn't appeared yet. If the half-path festival changes, it denies the ideal that was originally believed in, and makes the "perfect" thing impossible.


Obtaining "perfection" is not the motive force behind Virgo's pursuit of "perfection". Adhering to the pursuit of "perfection" is the motive force behind the pursuit of "perfection. A little mysterious! From another perspective, you will find that they are very likely to be touched by hard-working people and will try their best to support them.


The pursuit of Virgos, of course, also requires hard work and hard work. Even if you owe money, Virgos will never build a house on the ground because of disappointment. He will continue to work hard, it is not that he thinks that the harvest will surely be good next year, but that he will keep his hard work habits and make his beloved love Tian Mu look not lonely, from which he feels that he has not abandoned his beloved man. Affectionate? Alas, affection. The moth is so miserable.


  Careful thinking, restrained feelings, clear thinking


The quiet nature of Virgos is especially evident when they are doing things or solving problems.


Virgo can accept various requirements of responsibility, and can be organized in an orderly manner based on professional knowledge, for the truth, they are even willing to pay more.


Helpful Virgos often try to control their emotions and rational attitudes towards life, so that they refuse to accept things that cannot be understood with common sense and reason.


It is best for Virgos to learn to trust the order of the universe and avoid being too focused on the details, which may make their eyes short or even false.


People in this constellation are pursuing simple and pure truth. They can feel a kind of temperament in pursuit of perfection and purity.



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