Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China

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Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China

With the rapid development of the Internet, the Collaborative Design and parallel engineering (concurrent engineering) in the field of computer aided design (CAD), which was widely used within enterprises at the end of the 20th century) the concept is applied to websites, allowing Internet users to participate in content collection, editing, and transmission. In recent years, this kind of network technology and service, called wiki, has become a rising star of Web 2.0, a symbol of the new Internet era. It brings everyone's participation to the extreme. Now, the Wiki website and its users are all over the world.

In our country, when Web 2.0 is "suddenly like a spring breeze", compared to the blog of "qishu wanshu Lihua", wiki is just a "little lotus show a tip ". According to the 2.0 valid samples, among users who have used 2.0 of Web Services, 71.9% of blogs and 13.6% of Wiki accounts for only. In addition, we can see from the interview with the relevant wiki website owner and Wiki fans and the author's online search of Sina Technology's "Silver Age" column not long ago, currently, the existing wiki websites in China tend to provide the encyclopedia knowledge base, such as online books, maintenance libraries, and interactive online. There are about tens of thousands of entries; it tends to be specialized in the field of professional knowledge, such as global VIP and it encyclopedia. Other Special Topics include professional encyclopedias and travel and food wiki sites; there are also a few websites that are self-called wiki but only have no content in the framework or cannot find the server. In general, the number and scale of Wiki websites in China, as well as the number and contribution of user participation, are all in the childishstage of start-up. But just like the newly-released bamboo shoots that can be arched, childish things are often the most vital. Wiki has the following unique advantages, which are more and more popular and will be more and more widely used ".

Wiki is inexpensive, scalable, and easy to maintain. It can be well connected to existing network infrastructure without large-scale software deployment. It uses simplified syntax to replace complex HTML, and Web interface editing tools to lower the threshold for content maintenance. It can quickly create, access, and modify hypertext pages, you can also directly create a link with a keyword name. The Link Target of the page may not exist. You can click a link to create these pages, so that the system continues to grow; as spam text and advertisements are easy to clear, the rest will be the most meaningful content and the best participants.
Wiki is open, observability, and easy to use. It is based on the web and does not require much learning time for use. It allows users to determine the relevance of content and create, modify, and delete pages at will. At the same time, version control is implemented through text databases or relational databases. Changes on the pages in the system can also be observed by visitors and previous versions can be retrieved at any time, it can also be compared with previous versions. Version Control enables collaboration between multiple users and prevents the loss of stored content.

Wiki also has the ability to self-organize, converge, and reproduce. If enterprises and institutions use wiki, they can create their own website structure as needed, rather than the structure imposed by developers for other content software. Like the content of a page, the organizational structure of the entire hypertext file can be modified and evolved. Multiple duplicate pages in the system can be aggregated to one of them, and the corresponding link structure also changes. Compared with the workflow structure of content management software, the inherent collaboration quality of Wiki can achieve rapid information integration, and traditional management tools cannot reproduce the collaboration and participation environment created by wiki.

The ancients said that "the voice of a powerful player is mandatory, and those with high aspirations will be far away". As a Social Software and Technology, Wiki, in its philosophy of "sharing with others", the most important thing is dedication and dedication. From the perspective of serving the society, wiki is most suitable for collective projects such as encyclopedias, knowledge bases, written seminars, co-author forums, or organizing knowledge in a certain field. From the perspective of serving enterprises and institutions, it is suitable for many internal and external applications of enterprise and public administration, such as internal interpersonal management, decision-making management, knowledge management, performance management, and teaching and training management; talent Selection in external human resource management, marketing and sales management, and external relationship management.

In order to catch up with the rapid development of Wiki, especially Wikipedia, in foreign countries, we should address the fact that wiki in China started late, its influence is weak, and there is a lot of competition pressure in the market economy, take practical and effective measures to grasp the correct way forward, so as to continuously promote the vigorous development of the Wiki industry.

First, wiki technologies and services should be put into the field of application, such as relevant enterprises and institutions, education and scientific research systems. It is easier for enterprises to implement and achieve results by establishing knowledge bases and getting involved in relevant operation and management through Wiki technology, all kinds of people in the organization are interested and motivated to participate and realize their own values. The educational and scientific research system can not only use Wiki Technology to reserve and manage knowledge, but also become an effective tool for teaching and scientific research and achievement exchange.

Second, if the existing wiki website has limited financial resources, you can first focus on the Encyclopedia of a certain field, and strive to make it all refined, and do a good job of scientific settings and accurate search. For example, if you are an IT encyclopedia, you can analyze the channels as software encyclopedia, hardware encyclopedia, network encyclopedia, digital encyclopedia, and telecom encyclopedia. Each encyclopedia is aggregated into the IT encyclopedia homepage, classic and latest entries in each encyclopedia are also distributed across different channels, and configured with the exact search function. In this way, a considerable popularity can be gathered in a short period of time, thus laying the foundation for commercial profit. It is only helpful to people who are busy with their careers and studies. As feedback, users are willing to spend part of their energy to contribute resources and information to their websites without charge.

Then the goal is to target the Wikipedia website of encyclopedia. Because this is a huge project, it cannot be achieved overnight in the short term, and it must be supported by a certain amount of funds. If the eyes of venture capitalists see the development potential of China's wiki and are bold enough, the ambitious wiki website operator tries to promote, promote and guide it with the support of funds, in the future, the days that occupy prime locations in the spring Web 2.0 will surely come!

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