Analysis of the development characteristics of Optical Fiber Technology

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The development of the network puts forward new requirements for Optical Fiber

No matter how the next generation network develops, it will surely reach three levels: the IP address world at the service layer, the light world at the transmission layer, and the Wireless World at the access layer. The next-generation transmission network requires a higher speed and a larger capacity. This is not a fiber optic network, but the development of high-speed backbone transmission also puts forward new requirements for optical fiber.

1) Expand the transmission capacity of a single wavelength

2) ultra-long distance transmission

3) Adapt to the use of DWDM Technology

The subdivision of Optical Fiber standards promotes the accurate application of optical fiber.

The optical fiber standard subdivision promotes the accurate use of optical fiber, while refining the standard, it also increases the requirements of some optical fiber indicators, such as the tolerance of Some Optical Fiber geometric parameters ), the requirements for different indicators of optical fiber used in different network layers and different transmission systems are defined, for example, the information on the PMD value ), some new index concepts such as "dispersion longitudinal uniformity" are proposed, which play a very good role in the rational use of optical fiber. All the modifications to these recommendations, the emergence of sub-recommendations, and the drafting of new sub-recommendations all mean some improvements or significant improvements to optical fiber classification and indicators and testing methods; they all indicate that the improvement of optical fiber quality or the adjustment of the application direction are important new developments in optical fiber technology.

The emergence of new Optical Fibers

In order to adapt to the needs of the market, the technical indicators of optical fiber are constantly improved, and various new types of optical fiber are emerging. At the same time, major companies are stepping up the development of new varieties.

1) new large-capacity long-distance optical fiber used for long-distance communication

It is mainly a new G.655 optical fiber with Large Effective Area and low dispersion maintenance, and its PMD value is extremely low, so that the capacity of the existing transmission system can be easily upgraded to 10 ~ 40 Gbit/s, and easy to use Distributed Raman effect amplification on optical fiber, greatly extending the optical signal transmission distance.

2) New Low-peak optical fiber for man Communication

In the metropolitan area network design, you must consider simplifying devices and reducing costs, and consider the possibility of non-wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) applications. Low Water peak optical fiber in 1360 ~ The 1460nm extended band greatly expands the bandwidth, greatly optimizes the CWDM system, and increases the transmission channel and distance.

3) New Multimode Optical Fiber Used in LAN

Although multi-mode optical fiber is 50% more expensive than single-mode optical fiber ~ 100%, but its supporting optical devices can use light emitting diodes, the price is much cheaper than the laser tube, and multimode optical fiber has a large core diameter and numerical aperture, easy connection and coupling, the prices of corresponding connectors, coupler and other components are much lower. Due to the development of LAN, it is still widely used.

4) Promising blank-Core Optical Fiber

According to reports, some companies in the United States and university research institutes are developing a new air-core optical fiber, that is, light is enough to transmit air in the optical fiber. Theoretically, this type of optical fiber has no core, reduces the attenuation, increases the communication distance, prevents interference caused by dispersion, and supports more bands, in addition, it allows a strong optical power injection, and is expected to have 100 times the current optical fiber communication capability. Some people in Europe and Japan are also very concerned about the development of this technology, and more research proves that empty-Core Optical Fiber seems to be possible.

This is the introduction of the optical fiber technology. I hope you can understand it.

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