Analysis of the development direction of SEO under the Shang turbulence

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11 Small long Holiday finally ended, tomorrow will begin normal work, but we SEO is a special industry, do not allow you to rest, but every day have spare time to rest, this is its charm.

Looking back on this year's SEO industry, is sad unceasingly, many webmaster friends have firsthand experience, SEO industry this year big event too much, Baidu 622 and 628 events for webmaster Friends is no less than the power of the 08 Sichuan 8 earthquake, a large number of sites by K, Ji and face quite wide, but also 2012 years the biggest turbulence. Then is the 360 search engine and Baidu War, but also indirectly affect the work of SEO. Big changes in this way, small changes are also every day, and in previous years compared to the SEO, this year's webmaster life is not easy.

The old saying is good: easy to be poor is changed, change is pass, general rule long. Now quoted to our SEO industry is the best, now it seems, the previous summary of the SEO experience is exhaustive, not to say that the predecessors summed up the wrong, but for the current search engine does not work, a lot of methods, skills no longer practical. It is time to do SEO reform, then the turbulence under the future development of SEO What is it? The author summarizes several points for your reference:

I. Service Search engine Diversification


China's SEO industry started very slowly, but the development is very fast, two years few people know what SEO is, now a little involved in the network are aware of the SEO industry. Although the development of China's SEO industry fast, but a single model, we all know is around Baidu to expand the optimization work. A small number of foreign companies or adhere to Google, but since Google withdrew from China, the market share has become less, in general, Baidu alone big. Although there have been search, Sogou and other search engines appear, but the SEO industry has little to dabble, this situation continued to the August this year, a turnaround, 360 launched a comprehensive search is Baidu's biggest challenge, all kinds of data show that 360 do not need to search Baidu poor. Baidu also attaches great importance to the challenge of 360, from Baidu Recent frequent updates can be seen.

Since the domestic search engine blossom, Baidu alone big situation is about to pass, then the SEO industry will also be diversified, the optimization of the object is more than Baidu, the future of the SEO quotes will be targeted at Baidu, search, 360, sogou each have different, after all, the optimization of each search engine is different.

Service Search engine diversification of our SEO industry is very favorable, this will be a big update on SEO technology, will also promote the maturity of SEO.

Ii. Diversification of optimization techniques

Since the June big events in Baidu, many webmaster sites have not been restored, SEO is by ranking and traffic to eat, the site was K, can not sit down, this period caused a lot of long tail word garbage search results, the following is the author of a random Search "Gastropathy hospital which home," the first part of the search results:


Most of the search results in the figure are published in September, and the rankings are very unstable, but are the industry's "spam". Very obviously meet the user requirements of the results are very few, click on these sites, you will find all ads are all, piling up the contact method, the article statements are not, only to seek their own hospital exposure rate, such a result is the greatest harm to users. The results can only be said to be Baidu's problem, if more to the webmaster adjustment space, who is not willing to spend a lot of time to make rubbish on the internet! Baidu's claim to crack down on spam sites has spawned so much junk information that it's counterproductive!

The future of SEO will certainly not be such, this is not in line with the industry ethics, this is just the temporary outlet of the webmaster. Search engine optimization, it is not intended to spread around each site, the site is just a platform for us to show their own brand, in the case of Baidu ignore this platform, we can from other aspects to optimize their own brand! This also requires a variety of SEO optimization techniques, in terms of the current emerging skills, In addition to optimizing the site rankings, there are major news industry stations to publish their own soft, this is also a way to promote the brand, the effect is not bad. Then the future SEO optimization skills must be more than so much, put aside their beloved website, to seek breakthroughs, the optimization of the brand through other skills to let users know, this is the future of our SEO industry to solve the main problem!

Third, the combination of optimization and marketing

SEO and SEM is a pair of twins, but in the country, many people are abruptly separate, do optimization of the specialized to do optimization, do marketing of the specialized marketing, the two rarely combined, this is wrong.


The goal of optimization is to sell, the marketing means is to use optimization. Both are complementary, the domestic SEO industry generally do not pay attention to the relationship between the two, leading to the technology is not to make money, the rich do not have the technology can not earn more money. In such a turbulent environment, SEO industry is the time to break through, pay more attention to SEM, what users want, from the user's point of view to optimize their brand, but also in line with the current more popular user experience requirements!

The concrete combination means, the author thought is such, SEO most direct effect is can let the enterprise increase the exposure rate and the visibility, expands the brand popularity. As we all know, the network realizes the data communication and the resources sharing, tens of thousands of users search for the ideal sellers through the Internet and the search engine. The convenience of the network and rich information allows users to quickly collect inexpensive products. From the technical level, SEO technology to use search engine search rules to make the brand more easily accepted by the search engine and presented to searchers, which can improve the brand's visibility, so that more users can easily know their own brand, but also to achieve a close combination of SEO and SEM!

SEO can bring traffic to the brand, bring consultation, and eventually bring orders. Each brand has its own target market and ideal customer base, through SEO optimization can help enterprises to explore the target market and the ideal customer base, so as to achieve the purpose of SEM.

The above three points is the author of the preliminary conclusion, the future is how to develop we do not know, but we can follow the direction of their own planning, as long as the idea is correct, it will not be wrong!

SEO has been in progress has been the development of our firm belief that the future of the industry is beautiful, the development of the Internet so fast, information expansion to the user has been unable to quickly know the point, SEO is a positive technology, so good living environment must have a better future! Although the current situation is volatile, But we SEO industry Shang, strive to seek a breakthrough, will certainly shine in the future.

Article by the Gastrointestinal hospital writing, reproduced please famous source! Thank you for your cooperation!

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