Analysis of the distribution function of the lingke Router

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This article describes the distribution function of a vro. The following describes the hypothetical operations on the premise.
For example, if two companies are connected to the Internet (Company A and Company B), refer to the core switch configurations at both ends. The solution is to use the dynamic routing of the VPN gateway to implement HA and load banlance. In this case, the VLAN information at both ends is conflicted, after the point-to-point configuration is completed, Company B learns all route information of Company A, but company A does not learn the information of the other party and affects the network of the other party. Solution:
1. router VPN 1 2, network 3, network 4, network 5, distribute-list 7 out Serial1/1 6, no auto-summary 7 ,! 8. ip classless 9, no ip http server 10 ,! 11, access-list 7 permit 0.0.255 12 ,! The problem can be solved after the above steps, but if you want to understand the meaning of the above steps, we must first understand the following two problems
1. The Link Status Protocol Ospf Is-Is transmits the LSA information because of the Link Status Protocol, after each router synchronizes the LSA, Each router runs the SPF algorithm based on the database information to obtain the route table information. Route information is not directly transmitted in the inbound and outbound directions of the interface, however, similar distance vector protocols of LSA may be affected, so the external routes of Class 5 will be changed by distribute-list. If it is a pure Link Status Protocol Network (ospf) no class 5 LSA. 2. Due to the direct route information transmitted by distance vector protocol (Rip), the protocol routing information is controlled in and out directions of the running Protocol process interface, distribute-list in controls the routing information in the in direction of the Protocol interface. It only changes the routing information of other routers and does not change the routing information in the out direction of the Protocol interface, other routers will change. The application steps of the lingke router distribution function have been described for you. Through the above configuration process, we will surely be ready. This article is from

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