Analysis of the failure of the Win7 system to open the camera

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The camera is a small tool that we use frequently in our daily use. Whether it is video chat or recorded video need to use the camera, generally we are not too concerned about the gadget, only in the use of time will check whether it can be normal operation, if the problem, will cause a lot of trouble to our lives. Recently, a user of a Win7 system and small series reflect that the use of Win7 computer when you want to open the camera but found that the failure to open the situation, this is what is going on? The following small series to introduce the Win7 system to open the camera function failed what reason?

The ability to turn on the camera failed to resolve the following

1, first of all, let's see how this is caused by this phenomenon, our computer cameras appear can not use, first look at our plug is connected well, if it is a notebook, we will check the computer virus to see if there is a virus.

2, we have to view the line and after the anti-virus or can not open the use of words, you may use the following steps to try to see if you can solve.

3, in the computer's desktop to find a blank place, and then click the right button to see the computer options, we choose to manage click Open.

4, open the Management window, we choose "Device Manager-Image Equipment" option Click on Open, right click on the inside of the camera option in the "Update Driver" can be;

5, updated after the drive we can click on "Browse the computer to find driver software"-"USB Video Device" "Driver update", waiting for the update, we will restart the computer can!

The camera is we often use gadgets, we have to constantly check whether it can be used normally, do not use the time to think of it, the above small series of teaching methods or very simple operation, small partners can check their own camera Oh!

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