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Today saw the Kin-yu sharing "CDN website accelerated Test Results: does not affect SEO optimization!" The article, some ideas, now share with you, about CDN This thing, the author has been contacted since 09, that is the company's Web site traffic is larger, resulting in server load is too high, and finally chose the CND acceleration technology to ease the flow of too much pressure on the service, nonsense not to say, to the point.

First of all, in order to make it easier for everyone to understand the following content, first to introduce what is a CDN, I believe that we just contact the CDN when the same head paste.

The full name of CDN is content Delivery network, that is, contents distribution network. The basic idea is to avoid as far as possible the internet is likely to affect the speed and stability of data transmission bottlenecks and links, so that content transmission faster and more stable. By placing node servers across the network, a layer of intelligent virtual networks based on the existing Internet, the CDN system can redirect the user's request to the nearest service node according to the network traffic and the connection of each node, the load status and the user's distance and response time. The goal is to enable users to obtain the required content, solve the Internet network congestion situation, improve user access to the Web site response speed.


CDN Working principle Diagram

  The role of CDN website acceleration

increase the speed of Web site access

According to the survey, users open a Web site can endure no more than 3 seconds. When the website uses CDN to accelerate, when the user visits the website CND acceleration system according to certain algorithm gives the optimal cache server record result, thus enhances the website the response time, enhances the user experience.

Reduce server operation costs

Web site using CDN acceleration, the site's server load, bandwidth and so will have a significant decline, because the CDN in the country to deploy multiple nodes, so as to avoid the source station server single point of failure.

 Protect Web site Resources

Web site using CDN acceleration, by configuring the anti-theft chain function to protect some resources are referenced by other websites, you can also use the white list configuration exception. You can also configure a ban on certain IP addresses, user-agent access to the site, all of which require simple configuration on the interface.

CDN has an impact on SEO, you can simply understand the key to SEO rankings?

Outside the chain? What is the structure of the website? The history of the domain name? These are important, but the core is the user experience. A long time to do the administrator may have such an experience, add a little bit of user-friendly settings, may be in exchange for the ranking of the improvement. Because your user experience is good, bounce rate is low, two times back customers also more, traffic also followed the big, ranking naturally went up. Therefore, it is recommended that the site's SEO focus or put on the user experience, to see if our website color collocation is coordinated? is the browser compatible? Is it convenient for the customer to find the product? How quickly does the website open? How to keep your site from attack.

Choose a good CDN Accelerator service to the site's SEO not only have no impact will also help. We are doing site SEO time or more from the site's user experience to do, so that our site more secure, stable and fast.

Speaking of which, presumably we have a certain understanding of the CDN technology, that CDN for SEO is there any impact? Here thanks to the next Kin-yu (, Kin-yu Students for everyone to test, After half a month of testing, the data show that CDN does not affect SEO optimization.

Online also has a lot of introduction CND SEO optimization has a negative impact on the article, here just want to say, the practice of true knowledge, only the test in person, to get the final results, if only guess, is not to explain the problem, but also may mislead others, of course, said no other meaning, just want to explain the practice of truth, do not like to spray !

In order to let everyone happen to understand the CDN, to introduce the benefits of CDN, hope can help still confused webmaster.

 Benefits of CDN:

1, enhance the competitiveness of the market: for customers to solve the smooth web site access, north-South interoperability, global connectivity, the network edge of the customer access slow and so on;

2, reduce operating costs: Do not need to buy more bandwidth in many places, set up and manage the server;

3, reduce downtime disaster: Static Web site can continue to visit when the server fails;

4, easy to operate: As long as the domain name to the CDN system;

5,* security: Anti-attack, can hide the source IP address;

6, Load balance: Automatically balance the flow of the server, reduce the burden of the source server;

7, bandwidth flexibility: Coping with the sudden onset of data storms;

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