Analysis of the ICO Logo of Baidu search results with Penguin as an example

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See a lot of people ask Baidu search results title in front of the logo is how to come. In fact, this logo as early as the end of last year appeared, but less so to see the people are not many, now a lot of big stations appear logo, now this situation can be said as long as the previous logo site is not rotten, below the Ming Rui do some analysis.

 First, see how the official explains the problem;

1. No channel has been applied for the time being. In other words, whether your site is well-known, traffic and the number of audience is no way to apply the ICO icon display.

2, the current ICO icon site is Baidu internal automatic mining, the actual scope is still very small, the scope of the excavation will slowly expand. That is, it can be understood that Baidu has its own set of rules of evaluation, not interfered by any external factors. But other sites still have the opportunity to be picked and shown.

3, the evaluation standard by the internal regulations of Baidu. That's what we often say about the default.

4, not charging items, just improve the user search experience a move. This is very important, to increase the user experience, to meet the needs of users is the most basic search engine existence, do not charge for the search results appear in the ICO icon site is popular and trust.

Summary: This logo belongs to three no products: no application channels, can not be obtained through the money, can not predict its arrival.

  Second, the personal analysis opinion;

Primary school we have learned that to analyze a thing to do a comparative test, contrast experiment must have other conditions like to contrast the condition is different, then apply to our analysis of the site above is the same reason, the analysis of the site should be the structure, content should be from the same method of the site, so it is best to be a big station of large two-level domain name , of course, two must have a logo, here take the penguin as an example., here can not take the WWW, otherwise you will not be able to see a lot of logo, the following list with logo website name and address

Tencent Home (www.qq,com)

QQ Speed (

QQ Dazzle Dance (

QQ Space (

Dungeons and Warriors (

Through the FireWire (

1 The website must have ICO logo, is to open the Web Site tab The front of the small picture, although it is fart but there are instances, such as Baidu into the People's Republic of China, the powerful website without logo, point in the know, he has no logo, this very good understanding, You won't be born without Baidu.

2) As above data, remove the home page, this is nothing to analyze, take a look at these, in addition to a QQ space other is the theme of the game class, of course, this will not reveal the game class site is easy on the logo, we can analyze the characteristics of the game site, the game and kimchi as the whole bubble into the longer the better, So it's glued to the Web site, as long as you stick to the top no matter what you are doing, the search engine determines your user experience is high, there is another aspect of the game is very high, as long as you play you almost every day, and then on the site associated with some small applications such as daily check-in Ah, online virtual mall and so on, Site points for experience and so on, you can make every game every day to visit this site, then the site loyalty will be greatly improved, this is a user experience. In fact, QQ Space also has the above conditions, he has a logo is also understandable.

3 Does this ico have anything to do with the age of the site? The answer is no, in the search engine domain name age is a little influence, if you want to perform well, not the domain name age but you optimize the age, in Baidu first site a year than you a 5 years old domain name without any optimization certainly better, then this example is also some, Tmall is one, last November opened now not October, not a year, although he has shielded the Baidu spider, still can not block the appearance of the logo, so he revealed a two point a, and enable the time does not matter B, and SEO-related (are shielded, talk about what optimization).

Finally, Ming Rui Hope one day also appear logo, optimize the final goal is not ranked, do a good user experience is fundamental, do a good job of increasing viscosity than SEO is more important.

Hope Baidu lets some like A5 such have the strength of the website appear logo, search engine's ultimate goal is also lets have the real strength the website to get more unfolds the opportunity, A5 the user viscosity and the IP quantity appearing the logo should be sooner or later.

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