Analysis of the reasons for the instability of website keyword rankings

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Many webmaster are in trouble keyword changes too fast, unstable. The key words optimized to go back to "before liberation" overnight. There is also a troubling reason for this. So what is the cause of this situation? To this end, I combined with the online great God's suggestions and their own to optimize the ranking of keywords some views. For you to share this article on the SITE keyword ranking instability reasons.

The reason why the website keyword rank is unstable:

First, the site's internal optimization is not in place.

"Within the chain for the King" for SEO, the site's internal optimization must pass, the home page structure to be reasonable, code to concise comments to be clear and convenient search engine crawl included. The quality of the article can reflect the value of the site, the title of the website article, it is quite a person's "appearance and embodiment", "appearance" is clear your personal information unique; Embodiment "is to determine the relevance of your appearance, such as fat people face is also relatively plump, thin people in contrast to the face of the head of the chestnut, so the title should have characteristics at the same time to the content of the article related." <meta name= "keywords" content= "/><meta name=" description "content=" "/>" Keywords is the article keyword and description is the keyword content description, this also must have the correlation write well, the keyword does not have too many suggestions 3, the content description is between 50 words. In addition to the content of the article just said that there is the anchor text control, Anchor Point is not more, lies in the discharge position, the best on the left, coupled with some effects, such as bold and change color. Keyword density naturally best, you can deliberately to do some, of course, when the density is particularly small, we need to do, such as less than 3%, there is more important is the content of the original, this is essential, do not underestimate him, this is the impact of our site is long-term, we want to be bigger, not to reprint, not to false original, In fact, is very simple, that is, there is time to write something every day, in fact, the site is not included in many, lies in the fine, the website contains hundred, the basic can, does not have the excessive pursuit thousands of, even tens of thousands of, you look those more famous blogs, the PR and the weight are very high, contains also not many, but casually finds out one, that reprint quantity, The big surprise, the point is that the key is quality, there are many sites, reprinted, may begin to include a lot of, but if this continues, it will not be long.

After introducing the internal optimization of the website, we will also introduce the optimization of the external links of the website. Because this factor is also affecting the site rankings of a crucial factor.

Second, the site external links to publish improper results of the SITE keyword ranking instability.

"Outside the chain for the Emperor", from this sentence can see the external links for the site optimization is how important. Many times the search engine updates, will make the site outside the chain suddenly reduced, in fact, the chain is less than the search engine that the quality of the chain is low, or not much use and deleted, so high-quality links is our pursuit. So, how to do a good job of external links to the site. Here are a few ways to introduce you:

1: Friendship link exchange, how can we get a relatively high quality of friendship connection? Money to buy is not said. The new station can be based on the combination of its own website, "high-quality" to make a positioning, and the other site comprehensive quality analysis, mainly look: snapshots of normal, recent Baidu has included, the export link does not exceed 45, has not been down the right, the number of chain at least, of course, it is best to select the relevant industry sites, these can be positioned "high quality" Outside the chain. But links to regular inspection, found that the problem in time to clean up.

2: Soft paper release, in the high weight of the forum published soft text. This relative to some webmaster will undoubtedly increase the workload, after all, we are not writers. Do not deliberately ask how many articles a week, spend some time a week to summarize the experience written to review. This is not only a high-quality link to the webmaster is also a training their writing level of opportunity, to know, SEO is in constant learning.

3: In the major questions and answers platform to answer and attach links, this is to obtain high-quality outside the chain of good methods, in the early days with links to the answer is relatively easy to send up, after the answer with a link to many platforms will be automatically screened. Site early, this is also to obtain high-quality external chain source.

4: The blog has a very high weight, but also the webmaster put out the chain of good places. Do blog need patience is very insistent, beginning may not have much effect, along with the network promotion work unceasingly thorough, spends the time to raise the blog also can bring the good benefit to the website outside the chain.

After talking about the site inside the chain and outside the chain for the site ranking instability of the introduction, the following to talk about is some other factors.

Keywords Baidu ranked unstable reasons for other factors:

1, the change of weight

2, the algorithm changes

3, the site dead link too many

4, the website space is not stable

Above is my "website keywords ranking Instability reason" Introduction, there are errors and additions, also hope to comment. Reprint Reserved Link:

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