Analysis of the Relationship between java, C #, C ++, and VC

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Java, C #, and C ++ each have their own advantages. C ++ has good compatibility. Java and C # Have high development efficiency, which is almost several times higher than VC, however, there are fewer and fewer people using C ++. Why is this so simple and easy to use programming language ignored?

Java, C # is the language that appears after C ++, VC is a development tool that has been started earlier, and C/C ++ is also a relatively early language. Java development tools include JBuilder, JCreator, and Eclipse, while C # is Microsoft's Visual Studio series.

Java, C #, and C ++ have their own advantages. C ++ has good compatibility and does not rely on platforms. java and C # depend on their respective virtual machines (the virtual machines of C # Are. netframework), and cannot run without the virtual machine; Java, C # development efficiency is high, almost several times more than VC, C ++ high operating efficiency, but the development is troublesome, learning is also difficult.

There are no advantages or disadvantages of a language. These advanced languages are popular languages that are widely used. Any language can develop large systems. However, the actual use of these languages is usually based on your needs, C ++ is generally not selected unless it is used for underlying class library development, because the development cost is too high, and C ++ is used for easy deployment, such as online games.

In order to prevent every user from using java or C # for installing virtual machines, java and C # with high development efficiency are generally selected, which can reduce the company's development costs. Most people who study programming now learn java and C #, because it is simple and quick to get started, C ++ is actually getting fewer and fewer people to learn.

Don't look at the hard-to-learn VC to learn cool. Depending on the actual application, your own interests, and the learning environment, it is best to have a practical application environment for C ++ learning. Otherwise, it will be hard to learn, at last, I lost confidence. You need to know that VC has been a technology several years ago, and Microsoft will not upgrade it now, that is to say, using VC your production efficiency is a few years ago, very low.

Nowadays, many colleges and universities use C ++ as a basic language that must be mastered. Even some non-computer students must learn C ++, however, those requirements only require a good grasp of the basic knowledge of C ++, and there is still a long distance to be proficient in practical development.

Is java used?
I think the prospects of java and C # are very difficult to distinguish, so I learned about java and C #, and they are similar. Basically, I can get a "two-way" connection ".
Whether or not to learn something is useful depends on the value of its use. The talents required by the company are not only simple programming, but also comprehensive. The business and other capabilities are also very important, it can be said that if you have learned java, you can become a programmer and it is okay to find a job. However, to truly penetrate into the enterprise business, it will take some time to improve your salary, fully integrated into the business of the enterprise.

For example, some outsourcing companies have low requirements for program design. They only need to use some mainstream languages, but have high requirements for foreign languages, such as Japanese requirements for Japanese companies, in this way, if you have mastered java or C #, you can learn a Japanese language. Currently, recruitment units are entitled to a monthly salary of 10 thousand for Level 2 software engineers in Japanese.

Of course, there are other businesses that can be accumulated slowly in the work process, such as GIS Geographic information systems used by some companies ). Some students said: "I know that the current telecom industry, nokia, and moto still need this technology. In addition, the salary is relatively high ."

We do not want to resist learning C ++, but to learn something that must see the results. If you have an environment to learn C ++, for example, if a company has a project, you should follow the learning process, in this way, someone can ask, if there is environmental pressure, they can learn well. I have seen many people say they want to learn C ++, but they still only have some basic syntaxes because they haven't used the last few years. "The reason why VC is not hot is that his market is small, right ?"

In fact, VC cannot be said to be hot either. Many companies still use it. It is rarely used, but there will be fewer people. I have interviewed VC people, few people who came to the interview were qualified, and the resume was well written, but it was unclear how much memory was copied by strcpy. C ++ talents are still very short. On the contrary, there are many java and C # talents.

What language should I choose to learn? My suggestion is: for people who do not have many computer basics, we suggest learning from java and C #. If you find a good job later, you can continue to study it in depth, computer technology can also be combined with the company's business. Computer is just a tool and can generate value only when combined with the business.

If you want to learn from C ++ in the future, such as the company's business needs, you can learn about it in projects, it is easier to have the environment pressure and the previous programming basics. For people who already have a certain degree of programming Foundation, if you want to do some underlying development or have actual project needs, you can choose to learn VC. Finally, I would like to say that VC is definitely not used by large companies, and Java and C # are definitely not used by small companies. Languages and tools are not comparable here. They only have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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