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Webmaster on the site weight and traffic is more attention. Many seoer know that the use of Webmaster Tools on the site comprehensive query, traffic and weight is proportional. Website Keyword ranking high, bring the flow will be very large, so that the weight value is also high. The ratio of flow to weight is as follows: Baidu traffic 1~100, Baidu Weight 1, Baidu traffic 100~500, Baidu Weight 2, Baidu traffic 500~1000, Baidu weight 3 and so on. Natural Baidu Flow is 0, then the weight is almost 0, can happen to such a strange phenomenon, the weight of 1, traffic is always 0. The following is the author to discuss with you the reasons for this situation:

One: The choice of key words

The weight is the search engine to your website's one overall judgment, the website does not have the excessive cheating behavior, caters to the search engine and lets it feel you to it friendly, the weight increase is very easy. But the weight increase, does not mean that the flow must not be 0. Traffic is measured by keyword rankings and indices. Keyword index is not or very few, although the ranking is very good, can not give the site to bring IP or futile; The index is big, no rankings are the same. Keywords to be based on specificity and universality to decide. Universality means to enrich the etymology, not to rotate back and forth in a few words, have the flow of the time can be considered; specificity refers to the choice of words to be cautious, the search volume, the competition is also a big word best not to choose; Large search volume, moderate competition, hot words are our first choice, unpopular words can not bring much traffic.

 Second: Whether the site into the sandbox period

The new station began operating for a period of time, adhere to the daily update station with the outside chain, Baidu will soon give you the weight. The new station after the establishment of the search engine will be a similar qualification evaluation stage, is the so-called sandbox period, is generally 2-6 months, this time the site traffic 0 is very normal. As long as we regularly update the article, do not tamper with the structure of the site, modify the article title, description and so on. As long as you did not use cheating before, I believe Baidu will not embarrass you, will again crawl site content, restore your site weight and traffic.

Three: The sign of the right to fall?

Down power refers to the search engine to the site rating of the decline, but also the search engine on the site of a punishment. Site by the search engine down the right, can be seen from several aspects: 1, the rankings are significantly reduced, 2, included a decrease, 3, search engine snapshot update speed reduced; 4, site home page is not the first search engine; the website has no traffic is likely to be a sign of power down. Encountered this situation you want to test your site, whether there has been excessive optimization, whether the number of large reduction, the chain of friends has fallen right and implicate our website. Baidu recently successive algorithm updates, from the Green Luo algorithm to the pomegranate and then to the Green Luo algorithm 2.0 update, to combat the low quality of the page with the promotion of soft text outside the chain. Baidu itself led to drop the right, the webmaster do not have to worry too much, and so its algorithm period passed, the weight and flow will return. If it is their own cheating led to drop the right that should pay attention to, timely change SEO optimization strategy, such as the deletion of garbage outside the chain, a regular update site content, to do high-quality outside the chain, perhaps the search engine will re-examine your site.

The above is Anhui Yacht Club ( on the site weight of 1 but no traffic reason analysis, hope that the novice webmaster useful. SEO is the need for webmasters to share their own summary experience, it does not have an accurate theorem, the practice of drawing conclusions is the best. If there is a wrong place, please correct me, thank you.

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