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AJAX is currently a hot technology. No one can deny that it has a large number of supporters. On CNN, it grew from an undesirable word in February to a prototype technology in October. Therefore, it is necessary to see why AJAX can evolve into the present, why it can grow and become ubiquitous in a short period of time. So I used the midnight conversation style to give ten reasons for needing AJAX technology.

Top 10 reasons for using AJAX:

10. XAML, XUL, XForms... and so on.

9. Uncertainty in server technologies.

8. Web2.0.

7. Strong adoption by software industry leaders.

6. Integration with Flex and Flash technologies.

5. low marginal cost.

4. Benefits conventional Web applications.

3. cross-browser and cross-platform.

2. Take availability and user experience as the king.

1. Based on public standards.

Let's start from the first article. AJAX technology is based on open standards supported by browsers and platforms. This means that the technology is not afraid of technical blockages from technical providers. Most of the technologies that make up AJAX can be used with confidence for many years, and those that are not hot, up-to-date, and untested can only be used for a while. Currently, for most users and enterprises, browsers are a trusted application platform, which was not a problem five years ago. For AJAX, the release of FIREFOX's basic Mozilla 1.0 and support for xml http Request objects are a turning point. This technology that allows asynchronous data exchange was supported by IE many years ago. This kind of support and the extensive adoption of FIREFOX browsers make it possible for people to understand cross-browser rich Internet applications.

1 ). JavaScript or ECMA Script (Standard ecm a-262): one interesting thing is that Javascript is A technology that has been accepted for A long time, many companies adopt a non-Javascript approach. Fortunately, this situation is rapidly changing.


2 ). XML: A W3C standard that is widely used.

Http:// /.

3 ). HTML:

4 ). CSS:

5 ). Xml http Request Object: supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla-based, Safari, and operabrowser.

Developers and designers began to realize that not only large user experience is successful in the market, but also how this experience affects user spending. Google maps based on AJAX technology are more successful than traditional MapQuest, proving the success of products that provide better user experience. AJAX is a leading technology that enables better availability of network applications. It allows requests from the server to a small amount of information, rather than the entire web page. It increases page data updates while reducing page refresh and refresh waits. These problems have plagued Web applications since the birth of the network. People already know that they need an excellent user interface and have the willingness to invest in it. Prerequisites: You can quickly obtain information, whether it is an intranet application or a wide area network service.

IE and Mozilla-based FIREFOX are the two browsers with the largest share of the market, and both of them support easily creating AJAX-based WEB applications on browsers. Now it is possible to develop AJAX-based rich WEB applications running on more advanced WEB browsers. This is one of the most important reasons why AJAX applications become so popular. In fact, many developers realized the possibility of AJAX technology popularity many years ago, but it has never been popular because of browser vendors. Thanks to Mozilla and FIREFOX.

Top 10 reasons and fourth place: benefiting regular WEB Applications

Is AJAX a front of today's WEB applications ?? The benefits of WEB applications exceed those of desktop applications. These benefits include low investment in Application Deployment, convenient maintenance, shorter development time, and no installation. These are the advantages that have prompted businesses and users to adopt WEB applications since the 1990s S. AJAX technology not only benefits WEB applications, but also benefits end users.

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