Analysis on applicability of Happyhour

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Analysis on applicability of Happyhour

Happyhour the word, in the team building, corporate culture perspective, will be frequently mentioned. The word literal is happy time, performance is a company/team, in a week working day of a certain period of time, provide places and free snacks, drinks, let everyone leisure, communication, communication.

Purpose, on the one hand to strengthen the cohesion within their own team, on the other hand through the naked pull of hatred, enhance the members of the team recognition and collective sense of honor.

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In advocating the freedom of work today, happyhour stimulated a lot of people, shouting I want I want, this is our demand, we hope that the respective companies to introduce this kind of human incentive mode.

Actually, is happyhour so good? Or after introduction, can achieve the ideal incentive effect?

From the perspective of individual beneficiaries, it is a very good thing to have happyhour. However, from the perspective of management and the company as a whole, the scope of application of happyhour is very small, in many cases, the negative effect of hapyhour is far greater than positive stimulation.

Suppose the establishment of happyhour no financial restrictions, no boss stingy to do not want to do some team building activities, there is no company financial tension, not support the issue of fixed expenses every month--and so on, some people will try to refute: Why is the monthly fixed cost expenditure. Happyhour is not random behavior, a project is over, or the work is not too busy, it is not organized regularly?

In fact, to reward this thing, once established is not deductible. For example, a few people's small team, may not work the nature of overtime, if there is an unexpected incident need overtime, Boss promised to eat late night snack. Then this kind of reward execution, it means the next overtime, after the overtime, please eat supper. Otherwise everyone will say: Boss more and more stingy, even the supper are not invited, let everyone in vain overtime, know to exploit us.

So once the reward is established, this fee is honestly included in each month's spending. Otherwise, the Internet is the same as the joke: beggars justly asked the funders-why do you give me three dollars a day into a piece of money to give them my money?

In the case of ample capital, from a practical point of view,Happyhour only applies to teams with few members and a uniform and open working environment .

Few members and a unified working environment and open these two points, in fact, is to make work transparent, to ensure that the internal team to open the necessary conditions. In the work of transparency, internal communication is not able to ensure that the work of the public team, the more team motivation, the more it will accelerate the contradictions and divisions within the team.

Members from less to more, from the human nature, people over hundred, shape * * *, from the work rhythm, the work of everyone's work rhythm is different, even the meeting time is not the same. Happyhour is bound to become a 80%/50%/30%-per-person activity. At such times, activities do not play the role of the group, but will let everyone inside complain piles.

"We are all working overtime here, idle boring, only will eyewash people, all go to eat and drink."

"Every time they are a few people, is not a little work, every day so lazy." ”

So the happyhour is either full coverage or simply not. Cover not the whole activity, but will let the kindness do bad things.

The same is true for the working environment.

Open work environment, everyone's work can be done at a glance. Even if you are not a small team, you can have a general understanding of each other's work performance. Who is busy who hard, who strokes soy sauce, in the common environment, we all know. So unless the special skin is particularly thick, in the happyhour if no one else's binge, most people will have some face to consider.

Conversely, once everyone in the more closed office, or different floors of the office environment, the work of each other in the scene can not see, in the face of some non-full-fledged benefits, often different teams will have to question each other, complaining about others less dry more enjoyment, causing the department of various nasty.

I have experienced a similar thing myself. In a company of less than 100 people, a lot of overtime, the boss is also for everyone to seek welfare, regular purchase some biscuits snack drinks, put in the front desk, to provide overtime brother eat. At first everyone was very happy, the boss is really human. The next stage is that some people who do not work overtime will also go to get refreshments, and then spread out--why they don't work overtime to get supper. In the later, each time after the new, we swarmed, first put things back in their own drawer and then again. This welfare, at last, is a typical kind of bad deed.

I have seen a product team of the three major domestic examples, have to say welfare is very good, afternoon tea variety. But unfortunately the team in different floors, but also every time into the goods, will be from other floors to the executive floor of the big bag to take things, took the also complained: take more points, or let the x floor to eat.

So the happyhour scope of application may be to meet the highlights:

First, the company's overall number of small, such as 80 people within.

Second, the office environment is centralized and transparent.

An innovative company with fewer people may be a good choice. A small amount of team building funds, can communicate, share, enhance team cohesion. For a large number of teams, maybe this is the thankless thing that may cost money to get the real team to complain and be hostile to each other.

Similarly, there are corporate games that companies often hold, design and implementation, and the views of this article have similar places, of course, this is another topic.

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Analysis on applicability of Happyhour

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