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Modern enterprises can not be separated from the Internet, and network marketing is based on SEO optimization, if the site's relevant keywords ranking is not good, even through the advertising Alliance, through the promotion of Baidu that is often spent money to win the flow, but can not win orders. So many corporate web site into the optimization of the misunderstanding, through a variety of Black Hat optimization method will be upgraded to the site rankings, but the final results found that the site's bounce rate is still high, what? The user experience too! And as the content of corporate Web site, is the Enterprise SEO optimization and user experience of the intersection, So do a good job of enterprise website content, is the current Enterprise website optimization one of the key!

To enable the content of the enterprise website to promote the weight of the content can not be a simple collection and reprint, is not blindly unintelligible seemingly high-quality original, but should be keywords and long tail keyword into the content of the site to build, The following is the author of his own Bo down jacket official website as an example to discuss how to build the weight of the site can enhance the quality of content.

One: Core keywords and long tail keywords in the content should be evenly distributed

Most webmasters know the content should be evenly distributed core keywords and long tail keywords, but how evenly distribution can achieve the best results, the general people think that the proportion of control in about 7%, it seems that the data is more reasonable, but I think this will often frame our website content construction, In fact, the key words and long tail of the probability of the occurrence should be mainly natural, such as the author's website, Bo and Bo Secretary on the official website of the density of the article in 14%, and some articles of the content density is often less than 2%, but can be well included.

The author in the long tail keyword and the core keyword distribution, often pay attention to the title and small title writing, in the title, the core keyword must appear, and in the article content inside the title, as far as possible the occurrence of long tail keyword, such content once included, in the Baidu search box, Whether the input long tail keywords or core keywords can be included.

At the same time, the author also made a little innovation, especially for the long tail of the key words of innovation, sometimes the main title of the article will also include long tail keywords, such as the wave secretary down down the price how, but the author will be such a long tail keyword split, in the title of the embodiment will appear "wave secretary of the popular down jacket price diving how to buy "With such a long tail keyword split, it is good to help content search!"

Second: The quality of published content should be based on the weight of other people's high quality website to help

Every day should publish one to two High-quality website content, for these content first time publishes on own website, then as far as possible will these articles reprint to other website, if wants this content to play the biggest weight gain effect words, often need to pass certain input, For example, find a professional software publishing company or website to achieve.

The author of the Bo's website through this way, let the author of a lot of articles can be Baidu included many times, first of all, let their website content reproduced to the weight of the lower Baidu News source site, in general, in addition to the article to add a certain anchor text links, but also at the end of the article, pointed out the source of the article, And this source is pointing to their own official website, and then wait until these slightly lower weight of the Baidu news source included, and then further reproduced to a slightly higher weight of the Baidu news source, also at the end of the article to add point to the source of the target station! In this way through the Toyo Cycle, until NetEase, Sohu and other portal sites, Just calculate the reincarnation of the article published! and at this time of their own website an article has been included dozens of times, because the weight of the site reproduced each upgrade to a level, will trigger more reprint volume, the weight of the site to bring a great increase.

The above is the author in the study how to use the content of High-quality Web site to drive the weight of the method, in their own Bo the official website (on the), feel good results, so through the A5 website this platform and the vast number of webmaster friends to share, Hope to be able to play a useful role!

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