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This paper hopes to get some thoughts through the comparative analysis of the homepage of the social web site, and share with you the excellent design principles of improving the registration conversion rate of social-networking websites.

Generally speaking, the user registration conversion process consists of the following parts:

1. To attract users to register the content of the homepage;

2. Simple and fast registration process;

3. The effective search, invite the friend mechanism;

4. To attract the attention of new users guide.

This article will explore the first part of the "User-registered homepage", and we will analyze the following 11 social networking sites for example:

1. Social networks: Google +, Facebook, linked in

2. Blog: Blogger, Tumblr

3. New Media social networking sites: Flickr, YouTube, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Twitter, Yahoo Answers

What is the value of the homepage content?

I think the biggest value is to provide new users with the reasons for joining. Psychological and economic theory shows that human beings generally seek to minimize the cost and maximize the benefits. To persuade new users to sign up, the site should be committed to increasing the perceived value while reducing the cost of the input that users need to join. So what exactly can we do?

1. Use the brand value statement, with a brief service description

Role: Brand slogan is generally used to describe the purpose of the site. Select the highlighted keywords, so that users can easily scan, quickly understand the service provided by the brand. A broad overview of the services provides a compelling reason to use the product.

For example: Google +


Design Guide:

• Focus on what is valuable to the user. Instead of telling the user what to do here, the copywriting can be a way of guessing what the user might think is the reason for the behavior here.

• Use bold keywords, line-wrapping, or parallel structures to make slogan easier to scan and read.

• Visually make the registration button more closely related to slogan or logos, which triggers follow-up action.

• The description of the service does not function-oriented, to value-oriented, focused on the user's goals.

• Use of icons and informational graphics to enhance the scanning of copywriting (e.g.,


The provision of brand statement is more friendly, but for the actual registration experience, is to let users fill out the form, at this time the user does not need the page there are too many useless things, is designed to be more fancy, users will not like to register this page, also do not want to see the second time. Register, my visual attention and the mind is to quickly fill out the required items, can not wait to submit.

The following is Tumblr the latest registration page, boldly removed the slogan, but make the task clearer, direct, let me feel that processing registration is a simple matter, to appease the user's impatience and habitual resistance.

Tumblr the latest registration page:

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