Analysis on the efficiency of home wireless route settings in the Communication Network

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There are many methods for setting home wireless routes on the network. The following is a collection of home wireless route settings. It is a common method to help a large number of fans. Take the opportunity to provide it to you. After logging on to the console, run the setup wizard. I have disabled the login and running wizard function. You can click the setup wizard on the Left bar. Click Next to appear... because I am in the office now, it is the same as building a LAN in the LAN), so I will first introduce the static IP settings. Click Next to display... You can now set your Internet IP address and other information. This is only for users with fixed ip addresses.

If you select pppoe to set broadband dialing, a dialog box appears, as shown in the following figure. enter your account and pw and click Next. After the preceding settings, in the first two steps, click Next. If you select a dynamic IP address, the page will jump to the window shown in... in the mode, you can select four options: 11 m, 54m, and 1200m. Only 11 m and 54m can be selected. A total of 1-13 frequencies are available... this item fails to be tested because there is no additional computer. However, I believe there should be no problem. After all, as long as there are no problems with the settings of multiple computers, shared Internet access should not be a problem.

Home wireless route settings and Performance

However, the effect was not very satisfactory. Recently I helped my friends test the installation of a wireless router. the LAN port and route are on the third floor, and the 54 M wireless antenna can cover the room 100 meters ). the effect of moving this book to the first floor is not very optimistic, and the signal is intermittent. It seems that using 128 M may be better.

Home wireless route settings: Connection

Then there are four network cable plug-ins for the wireless route, and the Telecom adsl moden network cable is directly connected to the wireless route. You can configure NICs for four consecutive machines. In addition, the wireless antenna can cover an indoor 100-meter wireless network and an outdoor 300-meter wireless network, wireless Internet access, of course, data is the standard ideal data in the best environment, not the actual test data ).

Route settings

Enable the local wireless Nic, and connect adsl moden to the wireless route. You can query the wireless network signal. At this time, the wireless network is successfully connected to the vro. The factory setting of this wireless route is ip Open ie and enter the ip address of the route directly. Enter the default user name and password: admin to enter the router setting interface smoothly. Set the PPPoE dial-up function of the route, enable the dhcp function of the route, enable the wireless network launch function, and record the dn address assigned by the route at this time.

Local client settings

This client can set the ip dn in two ways. One is to directly set the fixed ip address to 192.168.1. *, which has been tested. * If the value is 256 or, and then the dn is set as the route allocated, the Internet can be smoothly accessed. Another method is to automatically obtain the ip address and dn, you can also use the dhcp function of the route to allocate the response ip address and the dn to access the Internet smoothly.

Home wireless route settings: bt Function

Wireless route access is reflected by many people on the network. Bt has a lot of restrictions. After testing, bt queries the number of seeds and the download and upload speed without modifying the route sending and other settings, there is a big difference before using wireless routing. After querying the cause and solution on the Internet, one is to enable the route UPnP function, which has options in the route settings, and the other is to enable the window xp UPnP function, this option is available in the Add window component-network.

Finally, you can enable "Allow UPnP auto port ing" in the network connection option in the bt settings, and then record the port used by bt, such as 17950, add it to the virtual server in the route settings. At this time, theoretically, it can solve the problem that the wireless route limits the bt connection and speed. However, after testing, the bt connection and speed were greatly improved before the modification, but the speed difference was about 30 K compared with the direct local connection to adsl, that is, the peak value is 150 k /.

Home wireless route settings: http download speed

The peak value is 180 KB/wireless network Downloading speed is not found. The http download speed is the same as that of the unused route.

Wireless Network Coverage

This document is respectively placed in the same room, living room, And next room of the route. It has been tested. The speed of use is the same as the speed of the toy network connection. I believe that it is impossible to connect the Internet with the local library in the toilet.

Home wireless route settings: Problems

If you set a fixed ip address and dn to access the Internet, the problem is still bt. The bt connection is normal. However, if the current ip address and the dn are automatically allocated using the routing dhcp function, bt will never be connected to the seed, and the download speed is 0, no solutions have been found. Multiple computers share the internet.

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