Analysis on the principle and usage of Ajax

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1 Ajax Principles
    Ajax(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (异步的JavaScript和XML)),是一种快速创建动态网页的技术,目的是显示动态局部刷新.通过XMLHttpResponse对象来向服务器发起异步请求,从服务器获取数据.(1) 异步的javascript: 使用javaScript语言及功能向服务器发起请求,当服务器处理完请求之后,自动执行javaScript回调函数.(客户端可以不需要等到服务器响应才能运行)(2) XML是一种标记语言,是ajax与后台交互传输数据格式之一(3) ajax只能向同源网站发起Http请求(端口,协议,域名都相同),跨域请求会报错利用Ajax可以实现:1 注册时,输入用户名自动检测该用户是否存在2 登录时提示密码用户名错误3 页面局部进行更新数据
2 Xmlhttpresponse Basic Properties
(1) onreadystatechange  每次状态改变所触发事件的时间处理程序(2) responseText  从服务器响应返回字符串形式数据(3) responseXML   从服务器响应返回以XML(DOM兼容文档)数据对象(4) response      从服务器返回对象:如json对象(5) timeout  表示多少毫秒后,如果请求仍然没有得到结果,就会自动终止附: response类型由XMLHttpRequest.responseType属性的值决定    ‘‘:           字符串    ‘document‘:   Document对象    ‘json‘:       json对象    ‘text‘:       字符串    ‘blob‘:       Blob对象,适合读取二进制文件var ajax = new XMLHttpRequest();‘GET‘, ‘‘, true);var data = ajax.responseText;data = JSON.parse(data);   将json字符串转json对象var last=JSON.stringify(obj)   将json对象转字符串
3 Ajax Status Codes
200, OK,访问正常301, Moved Permanently,永久移动302, Move temporarily,暂时移动304, Not Modified,未修改307, Temporary Redirect,暂时重定向401, Unauthorized,未授权403, Forbidden,禁止访问404, Not Found,未发现指定网址500, Internal Server Error,服务器发生错误
4 Setting the Listener interface
onloadstart  请求发出onprogress   正在发送和加载数据onerror      请求失败onload       请求成功完成ontimeout    用户指定的时限到期,请求还未完成onloadend    请求完成,不管成果或失败
5 ajax in native JavaScript
{1} Synchronous Ajax request, GET request: #定义一个触发函数fresh_codefunction Fresh_code () {Let xhr = new XMLHttpRequest () (' Get '  , '/api/v1/regist_code ', false);  False stands for synchronization, true for asynchronous request Xhr.send () Let Regist_code = xhr.responsetext//write the registration code to the Regist_code tag Regist_code_span = document.getElementById (' regist_code ') regist_code_span.innerhtml = Regist_code} {2} async Aja x request, GET request: var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest ();//Specifies the callback function when the state changes during the communication Xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {//When the communication succeeds, the status value is 4,          Status code is (xhr.readystate = = = 4 && Xhr.status = =) {//xhr.response refers to the received ResponseText string          var data=json.parse (Xhr.responsetext);    Console.log (data)} else {console.error (xhr.statustext); }}};xhr.onerror = function (e) {console.error (xhr.statustext);};/ The/Open method is used to specify the HTTP verb, the URL of the request, whether to asynchronously (' GET ', '/endpoint ', true);//Send HTTP request xhr.send (NULL); {3} Synchronous Ajax request, POST request var name = encodeURI ("Beijing West"); var data = "Username=" + name + "&AMp;password=123 ";//Call to send () function send (data), function Send (ARG) {//Call to create Object function Createxmlhttprequest ();  Xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = Callhandle;  Get notation (Request mode, URL, synchronous or asynchronous) directly stitching to the URL, sending// ("GET", "default.aspx?goback=yes&arg=" + arg,true); Post notation (request mode, URL, synchronous or asynchronous), requires additional settings for the request header ("Post", "Http://",  true);    When using post, must have this sentence Xmlhttp.setrequestheader ("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded;"); Xmlhttp.send (ARG);} function Createxmlhttprequest () {#创建xmlhttp对象, make a decision if (window.  ActiveXObject) {xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } else if (window.  XMLHttpRequest) {xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest (); }}
4 jquery in Ajax
$.ajax({    #请求方式    type:‘get‘,    url:‘/studentsinfo‘,    #请求格式为json    dataType:‘json‘,    #处理函数    success:function(data,status){        console.log(data)        var d=data[‘data‘]        for(var i=0;i<d.length;i++){            document.write(‘<p>‘+d[i][0]+‘</p>‘)        }      }})也可以直接使用$get  或者  $post 基本类似ajax的调用,只是在请求方式这块不用指定,原理一致!!

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Analysis on the principle and usage of Ajax

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