Analysis on the problem that the disk space occupied by Oracle databases exceeds 88% in a short time

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1. Problem Description
The maintenance personnel reported to the center that the database/dev/fslv00 _ usage rate exceeded 88%.

2. Problem Analysis Process
After investigation, a large number of *. aud files are generated under the minicomputer/Oracle/admin/sid/adump/directory where the database is located.

The aud file is an Oracle database audit file. When the database audit function is disabled, this file is generated only when you remotely connect to the database through sys users (including sysdba and sysoper users.

After investigation, a new application from another department uses sys users to monitor the database.

3. Solution
Temporary solution: Provide scripts to regularly Delete *. aud files
Final Solution: Change sys user to system user.

4. Related commands

View which directory is the fastest growing
Du-ks * | sort-n

Use the following statement to check whether the database audit function is enabled (audit_trail is set to NONE, and audit_sys_operations is set to FALSE, indicating that the database audit function is not enabled ):
SQL> show parameter audit
Audit_file_dest string/oracle/admin/sid/adump
Audit_sys_operations boolean FALSE
Audit_syslog_level string
Audit_trail string NONE

The default value is false. When it is set to true, all operations on sys users (including users logging on as sysdba and sysoper) will be recorded, and audit trail will not be written in the aud $ table, this is easy to understand. If the database has not started aud $, connection information such as conn/as sysdba can only be recorded elsewhere. If it is a windows platform, aupd-trail will be recorded in windows event management. If it is a linux/unix platform, it will be recorded in the file specified by the audit_file_dest parameter.

None: the default value. No audit is performed;
DB: records the audit trail in the audit-related tables of the database, such as aud $. The audit results only contain connection information;
DB, Extended: in this way, in addition to the connection information, the audit results also contain the specific statements executed at that time;
OS: records the audit trail in the operating system file. The file name is specified by the audit_file_dest parameter;
XML: New in 10 Gb.

For more information about Oracle, see Oracle topics page Tid = 12

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