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Since Qihoo launched the search business, Baidu has been making adjustments, claiming to further improve the user's search experience and purify the Internet environment, although many webmaster by this series of adjustments make heart butterflies, a lot of "medium gun" webmaster even said that Baidu this series of moves is entirely for its own. There is no doubt that Baidu, as a commercial company, no matter what kind of adjustment he made, whether good or bad, ultimately for himself, but through my survey of ordinary users, it seems that their users of the adjustment really feel better.

Baidu nearly two years of those changes I think as stationmaster are certainly the most familiar with, such as what Green Luo algorithm, pomegranate algorithm, and so on, and I want to analyze with you today is Baidu search results in the standard format date of the reason. This I in some webmaster community also saw some friends summary, but I found that with the results of my practice is different, so I would like to analyze, we have said before three reasons: one is said that the long appearance of such information site is certainly a large site weight is high; the other is that the original content of small sites do not give original mark but this, or large sites to reprint more timely articles, that is, those sites in such content just appeared when it was released; there is one that is related to the nature of the content, that information will appear. Below I will pass my possible conclusion and analyze.

 First, the date is not related to the weight, the new station will also appear.

As mentioned above, many friends think that this time or not is related to the weight of the site, that is a large site will appear this time, and small sites are unlikely to appear, at least to think that large sites appear more frequently than small sites. And I found a domain name registration is only three months, online but one months of the site every article will appear such content. So obviously it has nothing to do with the weight.

Second, the new site to copy the Internet a large number of existing content will still appear date.

As above said on the Internet, we have a lot of conclusions, said that some large sites reproduced earlier information will appear in the results of the date. But it is the new site above, I found that he reprinted when there are many major stations have such information, the result is that the new station search results have time, rather than its early release of the big site instead.


 Third, whether the date information and the content of the nature of the relationship is not small.

To tell you the truth, I see that people say that with the nature of the content, and said that if it is the information column will appear, I really believe that the conclusion is certainly that we have summed up through practice. But from my analysis of the top of the Web site has come to a different conclusion, or that site, I found that this new station article in the results of Baidu included in each article has a date display; Moreover, I believe that Baidu machine system has not yet reached such intelligence, because it is difficult to distinguish between what is information and what is not information.

 Four, the date that appears is not the date that Baidu collects the webpage, but the date that content publishes.

Or the top of the site, because it is a new station, Baidu included speed is not too fast, will not appear everyone said "seconds" situation. I analyzed dozens of search results found, not as we guess that the time is the appearance of Baidu included this page time, and is exactly the date of the release of this content.

 The date may be related to the form of the Web page encoding, but it is not clear yet.

It is well known that the current construction station system generally have in the article page appears to publish the article time, this no matter what kind of website basically have such information. So I think, the date and the time on the page must be matched, but whether it may be related to the encoding structure of the Web page. At the same time I found another new station with the top of the new station to use the same station program is the template is different, but this site will not appear date information, so the details are not clear.

Although there are some reasons we still do not know, but can be sure that this information is not related to the weight of the site, in fact, is similar to the snapshot of things, webmasters do not have to deliberately care about it, so that every day to stare at. Of course, if it's better to have this information in the results, at least make yourself more comfortable, as the user may not be too concerned about this thing, they care whether they want to find the results.

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