Analysis Website Promotion: The function and value of Baidu encyclopedia construction

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Network promotion methods and forms there are many kinds of network promotion platform and channel there are many, common promotion platform has blogs, forums, questions and answers, classified information, business-to-business, SNS, micro-blog, encyclopedia and so on. Each platform has its own characteristics, each platform also has its own value and special role. Today, I share with you the role and significance of encyclopedia construction.

When it comes to Wikipedia, the first thing we think of is certainly Baidu Encyclopedia, so today we take the Baidu encyclopedia as an example to expand the meaning of the encyclopedia to explain.

With the help of Baidu search engine, Baidu Encyclopedia is no one knows nobody, not only know, and even a lot of people are using Baidu encyclopedia. Baidu Encyclopedia as a network using a very wide range of information on an important platform, but also Baidu series of products in the status and weight of a very high, if the use of Baidu Encyclopedia to carry out our network promotion activities, that played a significant role certainly.

Often use Baidu search people know, when you search for a keyword in Baidu, you search keywords Baidu encyclopedia entries often appear in the search Results home page Even in the first, not only in Baidu, Google and even other search engines are like this, This explains that the search engine to Baidu Encyclopedia has given a considerable weight and recognition degree. In this case, if your relevant information or site links if you can appear in some Baidu encyclopedia entry, then the meaning is quite extraordinary.

Said so much, Baidu Encyclopedia so Good, then carry on Baidu Encyclopedia construction can for our network promotion bring what benefits and function? Here are three points to share:

(1) Baidu Encyclopedia can bring traffic to your site

In the creation of related terms or edit the changes, the link to your site cleverly left Baidu Encyclopedia of reference or extended reading, when the user read the entry click on the site, you can directly bring traffic to your site.

(2) Baidu Encyclopedia for your site to enhance the weight of the site ranking

Baidu Encyclopedia is one of Baidu's products, but also a very important product. We open Baidu home page, you can see the Baidu search box under the "Encyclopedia" chain access, which is enough to prove Baidu's attention to Baidu Encyclopedia. So Baidu search to give the encyclopedia is very high weight. In the encyclopedia entry links to the site, the link will inherit from Baidu Encyclopedia to a certain weight, thereby increasing the weight of the site.

(3) Baidu Encyclopedia can effectively improve the visibility and dissemination of business opportunities

Baidu Encyclopedia in the creation of their own companies, enterprises, brands, products, website-related entries, not only can establish their own relevant information of the public image, can also increase the spread of opportunities to improve visibility.

The significance and function of encyclopedia construction, far less than the three points mentioned in this article, more role and significance, as well as the relevant encyclopedia of the operation of skills, but also need the vast number of webmaster friends themselves to learn to find, in order to better use the encyclopedia platform for their own website, products and information to promote work. [Concluding remarks] This article by the 8U website editor witty Love (blog original, starts in A5 station, reprint please indicate the source, also welcome everybody points out the insufficiency and carries on the comment.

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