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Some time ago, the annual survey report of the 2018 software testing industry from QA Intelligence has been grandly released.

"The Software Testing Industry Status Report" aims to provide the most accurate information for the testing industry and the global testing community, is the world's largest test industry research report, about 1500 respondents from more than 80 countries participated in the study.

This report investigates the current industry status of software testing and gives very specific data statistics. For software testing practitioners, it is a good window that can be used to understand industry trends, professional status, to provide a strong data support for our career development direction.

The following is an analysis of the report to tell us some things.

1. First of all, we are concerned with the way in which testers are recruited:


You can see that quite a few of the entrants have an intuitive interest in the software testing industry, and many of them are switching from other industries and jobs. This shows that the role of software testing engineers is increasingly known and understood, and for many people in this industry are optimistic attitude.

2. Test work as a percentage of working hours:


The subtext of this statistical analysis is actually: "is the software tester a full-time test". As can be seen from the icon Gao Jianbi, independent full-time testing is still the mainstream of the industry.

3. Salary Status of testers:


Our biggest concern is of course the salaries of Chinese test practitioners, which we can clearly see from the chart that the start-up salaries of Chinese test practitioners are at a relatively low level. However, with the accumulation of experience, more than five years of experience in the test engineers have a considerable increase in the salary level. Overall salary is only about half of North America and Western Europe, but also in a relatively good level.

4. Functional positioning and team size of software testing:


As you can see, the size of the test team is gradually shrinking. This is in line with the development trend of the IT industry itself, the pace of research and development, the universal use of agile concepts, make small-scale team composition become more and more popular.

This industry situation also explains that testers are increasingly being led directly by project managers and development managers.

5. Additional work by testers:


The Gao Jianbi of automated test work is a good phenomenon, also shows that the automation test technology in the project received more attention and successful application. The Gao Jianbi of other jobs also shows that software testing jobs are getting rid of traditional misconceptions and biases--the simple bias of software testing with functional testing and test execution.

6. Test methods and methodology:


Exploratory/session-based testing is still the mainstream of test methods. It is worth noting that some of the more recent attempts have been applied in the actual work environment.

7. Static test:


Testers for static testing, the input of various review meetings increased significantly.

8. How to improve the test personnel skills:


As you can see, testers are less dependent on books in the field of skills improvement.

9. Skills required by Testers:


Communication skills, automation technology capabilities, general testing methodology occupies the first three. How well do you master these abilities?

10. Software Testing Objects:


Web test projects are still the most mainstream, and the proportion of mobile phone projects has been surprisingly larger than desktop applications. Web, app-related testing skills are a key focus of our testing practitioners.

11. Software Development Model:


Agile and class-agile projects already account for an already high percentage, and the use of the DevOps model has been steadily growing for several years, and it seems that DevOps needs to be a must for our test refresher courses.

12. Application Trends of automated testing:


The proportion of automated tests used in research and development projects is basically stable, while 85% of Gao Jianbi is a good embodiment of the popularity of automation technology. We can also see that the most widely used areas of automation technology are still functional and regression testing.

Finally, let's look at the key points that the Test manager is most concerned about testers ' quality:

If you want to switch to a career test, or want to jump-job to seek further development of students, you can pay attention to these things.

Well, the analysis of the 2018 industry report to here, I hope you can be a practitioner of testing you have helped and inspired!

Analytical! 2018 Software Testing official Industry Report

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