Analyze how and what are the pros and cons of the SAP BYD system!

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2015 is the most important year of the cloud ERP solution, during which Oracle, SAP and other companies have started to follow the NetSuite and other industry pioneer companies to develop cloud ERP and CRM applications to adapt to industry trends.

For large suppliers, it's not easy to transform to the cloud, especially for SAP. The recent failure cases of the well-known SAP cloud business Bydesgin ERP platform have proved this. Business ByDesign is developed by SAP to directly contend with NetSuite products, thereby acquiring a neutral enterprise ERP market.

SAP had a high expectation of business bydesign and believed it could reach 10000 users in a short period of time. But up to 2013, ByDesign's subscribers were just 1000. SAP has thus halted the development of bydesign and the late customization of the platform. This is a shame for SAP, especially for those who have invested in ByDesign to think that it will be upgraded regularly like SaaS services. "Some prospective customers have asked if we can trust a new company like NetSuite," NetSuite's Ceo,zac Nelson said. Now they are asking if we can trust SAP as the world's largest application provider. ”

Today, many surveys show that SAP's suppliers have stopped selling BYD products to midsize companies in mainland China.

What does SAP byd really do:

First, continuous technological innovation has affected the development of the platform. BYD, which was scheduled to launch in 2008, was postponed because engineers found that the architecture did not scale up effectively, which meant that it needed to start again from the script. Throughout the product lifecycle, BYD has undergone several re-development to adapt to the architecture of the program.

One of the big problems with SAP cloud solutions is that it costs far more than NetSuite. IDC Expert ROI's third-party survey shows that the total price of SAP BYD is 65% higher than NetSuite in the last 5 years with the same system functionality.

BYD's evaluation in the media is also very bad. Paul Greeberg, an expert in ERP and CRM, wrote that "I have always really disliked BYD products, not just in the design and lack of functionality." ”

However, it is still not possible for SAP to define resources that are open to midsize enterprises. Because SAP's business is a huge and complex ERP system for large multinational companies. Focusing on these complex businesses is a challenge, and it's no easy matter to focus on midsize businesses. As a result, SAP was unable to open its resources to the midsize enterprise market, leading to the failure of SAP BYD.

SAP has recently reported that it will restart BYD and integrate it with his cloud business data platform Hana. But throughout the platform is full of thorns, medium-sized enterprises should be careful to choose BYD.

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In contrast to SAP BYD, revenue from Netsuite ERP has grown at a rate of 30% per annum in recent years and is currently the largest pure cloud ERP solution on the market. There is no doubt that China's growing number of midsize companies are opting for this "on-demand" cloud-based ERP solution to manage their operations and grow their business in China and globally.

Analyze how and what are the pros and cons of the SAP BYD system!

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