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How to do a good job in the Internet search Engine optimization work, mainly has the following points:

One: Search engine ranking Preparatory work

Before implementing the search engine rankings, you need to identify your product keywords, your customer goals (China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, South America, Asia, etc.).

1) keyword selection. The choice of keyword is the core soul of search engine ranking service. With the wrong keyword selected, all of the work behind you will be futile. Before choosing a keyword, imagine what word your customer will use if they use the Internet search. For these words, if your site is ranked first in the search results, will the viewer visit your site? How likely are you to be a real customer? For the choice of foreign key words, It is generally the most headache for domestic enterprises. Due to the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, it is not appropriate for domestic enterprises to choose their own keywords in many cases. Therefore, the careful choice of good keywords is all search engine marketing is the most important.

2 Determine the goal of good product promotion. Is your product positioned for users all over the world, or is it limited to users in China? is the sale in South America good, or export more? If your product is for export, there is no need to invest in the domestic search engine. If you want to focus on the U.S. market, Yahoo!,msn,google and other English search engines should be included in your search engine ranking program. Make sure that your product services are oriented to a country and region, will enable your promotion efforts.

The basic work of search engine ranking-search engine optimization

Customers can choose the search Engine ranking service based on the price, or they can choose the natural search results ranking service. For Google ranking services, both of these services can be selected. Google's most valuable and famous is the natural search results. One of the most basic jobs for the ranking of natural search results is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is not simply adding page titles, descriptions, and keywords, nor does it do harm to search engines. Instead of being targeted, make your Web site more user-friendly for search engines, and fully show your product services to search engines so that your website has a good ranking in search engines.

Third: Search engine rankings into a work-classification directory registration and the establishment of RELATED links

This work is relatively more complicated than the lock. In addition to the optimization of its own website, you also need to submit your site to the Chinese Yahoo!,dmoz, such as artificial classification directory for the registration. Because those categories are included in the directory with your product services similar to the site, for your search engine rankings and index will play a more positive role in promoting. The cycle of this work is generally longer and will last for 1-2 months. This is the most important part of the job, except for the optimization of its own website.

Four: Search engine ranking tracking

Once the above work is completed, you can expect that your website will have a good ranking. This ranking will be in direct proportion to your search engine optimization skills and your site's outreach efforts. One, but to reach the rank is not you can Ann enjoying, only in a certain period of time your ranking will not be a big change, you need to continue to the structure of their own site optimization, the access log for daily tracking and analysis, targeted to some of the rankings relative to the key words to optimize. and to maintain the content of your site constantly updated.

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