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Oneself a website ranking has been very good, suddenly one day but dropped, just started to think the problem of operation, so updated a few articles, do a few more outside the chain, a week passed, still not good. This time I go to search the keyword of the website, want to go to see everybody's rank how, the result finds all drop, the homepage is mostly the channel page of main station or inside page, a lot of info, CO, CC and two class domain name website, all fall to three pages after. This time, I clearly feel the adjustment of Baidu algorithm.

But then search, to 76 pages to see the results, found a number of phenomena, there are a large number of Baidu know, search and ask, portal blog, etc., ranked very back. This is not in accordance with the usual phenomenon, in the end what is it? According to this phenomenon, I summed up the reasons for the three, from which the revelation, is the uniqueness, SEO ranking behind the most important, large quantity is the key to win. Write it today to share.

First, optimization should be uniqueness

The biggest inspiration for me is SEO to be unique, if not unique, then to create uniqueness. We can look at the Baidu platform, search to ask the platform, advertising can occupy almost 80%, and every minute in the hundreds of increase, most of the problems are highly repetitive, so, these platforms even if the weight is very high, but too much repeatability so many pages of the ability to become very low, especially search, The entire page is a similar result. Take a look at figure one:


Figure I: A large number of Soso to ask the long tail

Large-scale, stereotyped repetition of the phenomenon will not give users a good search experience, so the search engine is gradually adjusted, which is the root cause we see this picture.

Second, pay attention to the things behind the rankings

Now the whole SEO environment is gradually improving, gradually be valued, this is what we can see at present. But for many personal webmaster, still attaches great importance to the ranking of individual keywords. I feel just attached to a word ranking risk is too high, not from the overall grasp of the significance of marketing. After a word comes up, exactly how to operate, depend on what kind of way lets the user remember us, this is the most important. Otherwise, the algorithm after the update, ranking is not, then the site is not meant to play over? This discussion is also common in BSG, and the issue of concern is holistic, not the ranking of individual words or words.

Third, large volume is sometimes the key to win

A large quantity is not only the update of the article, but also adhere to the meaning of not giving up. Whether it is a small station or a large stations, the volume is undoubtedly one of the key points to win. The above mentioned Baidu know that although there are a lot of 70 pages, but still have a lot of top three, what is the reason? On the one hand, the weight is high, and the other is a large quantity, there are high-quality posts. This is also useful for us. Small station insist on posting, after a period of time, will evolve from the post into shipping. The middle is only the accumulation of quantity, including usually do SEO is also so, if not advanced methods, if your technology is not strong, then a method to do in the end, do through, so there must be harvest.

Well, three points to share, today is the impromptu sentiment, immediately wrote out, will then be shared, copyright from: Taobao women's winter coat, also welcome reprint, such as reproduced please retain the copyright and links, respect for the fruits of labor, thank you!

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