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believe that whether to do SEO or as webmaster, will often encounter the site by the search engine down the right or even by K situation. In fact, this kind of situation is normal, even can say "not be down Right (K) stationmaster is not good stationmaster". Maybe some friends don't know how to judge whether their site is down or not. Today let me with you to discuss the depth of the site, why will be down the right? What are the rights to be lowered? Now let me one by one.

 First, the site down the right of 4 major performance

(1) on the search engine site domain name, the home page is no longer the first, or even found in the search results. But this kind of situation is not absolute, want concrete problem concrete analysis. If the site is a new station, there is no need to worry too much, because it may be the weight of your site is not enough, but if it is the old station, this situation will be special attention, usually the site is a problem, should arouse our high attention; If the site came out without results, then you can be sure that the site was K.

(2) Keyword ranking overall decline if the site's keywords suddenly a large area of overall decline, not only the main keyword down (if only the main keyword dropped, may be due to the search engine database problems, may be restored over time), but also many long tail keywords also dropped very bad, then, You can be sure that your site is down the right.

(3) Outside the chain and included a substantial reduction in the trust search engine every time the update, there will be a site or a sudden drop in the chain, or included a serious decline, or even two are significantly reduced. If this is the case, 80% of the possibility is to be the search engine down the right. The so-called big Drop refers to a decline of more than One-fourth, especially in the external chain, because sometimes the search engine will delete some of the quality of the article and the outside chain. If only a small fraction of it, this may be the search engine in the integration of the Internet resources, the deletion of duplicate content is not necessarily down the right. Therefore, do not encounter included and the chain down to think it is down right.

(4) The snapshot suddenly stops updating, or it is updated only once in a long time. If the site is normal before the snapshot, but suddenly stopped the update or is a long time to update once, I believe that a lot of webmaster friends will encounter. If this happens, we will be careful maintenance of the site, check the site optimization is not a problem, because this is the site is down the right sign. Typically, the snapshot time is normal within 3-7 days.

 Second, the website is punished the reason analysis

Whenever found that their site was punished, I believe the webmaster will ask, why will be punished? In fact, a site will be punished or even K has its reasons, we need to do is to find the cause, and then the right remedy.

(1) Web server problem

The website's server is the website hardware facility, also is the website stability key. If the server is not stable, Zooey can not open the Web page, not only users will not like this site, search engines will not like. Imagine, if the site can not open also talk about how to optimize it? Therefore, the stability of the website server is the first element of website optimization, but also the site is one of the main reasons K, I have eaten this loss, I hope we can take warning.

(2) Excessive optimization of the website

Sometimes the site over optimization will also cause the punishment of search engines, excessive optimization include: keyword piling, outside the chain of natural growth and so on. We should note that Web site optimization can not be too short term effect, need to be gradual.

(3) Website too much revision and too frequent revision

The website revision has the disadvantage to the SEO to be advantageous, but if the revision intensity is too big, then the likelihood of being punished is also bigger. If the revision of the intensity is too large, then the subject of the revised version of the original site and the theme of a very large deviation, or even the search engine is considered a new station by the search engine severely punished. In addition, the number of revisions are not too frequent, too frequent revision, search engine closed your eyes also know that your site is not a stable site, my website membrane law family once in 6-July because of frequent changes caused by K two months before beginning to recover.

(4) External chain instability leads to external chain imbalance

The so-called imbalance refers to the number of sites outside the chain of the capacity of the site, in the initial stage of our site construction, often in order to rank and do a lot of outside the chain, in fact, the initial site construction, we do not need to do so many outside the chain, moderation can be.

(5) The links to the site links if you link the site has fallen right or even is the phenomenon of k, it is likely to implicate their own site, we should often check their own friendship links, if the other side of the site to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

(6) The content of the site if the content of the site is collected through the collection, then whenever the search engine updates when the number of sites included will be a decline in the phenomenon, or even be k off. In addition, the site also needs to be updated regularly, but also to update the law, must not be updated today more than 10 and then do not update.

(7) Search engine algorithm accounts if the search engine algorithm changes, will also cause the site's ranking decline. For example, the external chain, the quality of the previous blog is very high, has now been dropped a lot.

(8) With the server too much spam, search engine will be due to a server too many spam sites and penalties for the entire server site.

third, the site is punished after the things to do

Site is down right after the webmaster what to do to save our website. I've summed up a few ways:

(1) Correct mentality in the site is punished, we have to do the first is to correct the mentality, not because the site was punished from the chaos of the ground, but not because the K has lost confidence, a lot of times, success is just more than we insist on a step.

(2) Calm analysis, find the cause, the right remedy.

(3) Pay attention to the site content of the site's internal links must clearly understand, keep the link unobstructed, as far as possible not to appear dead chain bad chain situation, so need to link to the regular site to see if there is a dead link, and some words immediately corrected.

Site should have high-quality articles, not a large number of collection, it is best not to mistrust, if a site can not provide users with valuable information and content, search engines will not like your site. Website has a lot of high-quality content site is down right

 The likelihood will also be reduced.

(4) Often check links, see links have no problems, if the problem to be dealt with in the first time.

(5) A regular increase in the chain, especially high-quality outside the chain. For Baidu, increase the chain should have regularity, and to have relevance, and preferably one-way links, but also pay attention to universality, not in the same type or the same site to do a lot of outside the chain.

(6) Reasonable optimization should not be optimized for optimization, this effect may backfire. Also do not accumulate keywords, in order to expand their outside the chain and crazy to add links. In other words, optimization is not excessive.

(7) Choose a good server if because the server causes the site is punished, then suggest you change the server as soon as possible, otherwise the site will not have too many prospects for development. No one would like to be able to open or slow down the site.

In fact, the site was punished even by K is not scary, we just find the right reason, with the correct method to amend, I believe that the site will soon be able to recover.

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