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Network promotion includes a lot of ways, the most common is the network information release, but specific to how to release, in which types of Web sites published on these issues on the very few people to make analysis, below easy water Shanghai SEO Studio simple from the weight of the Web site to promote the network.

Blog: We know, do promote the affirmation has a few blogs, even more, but I suggest that on several large sites have a blog on the line, do not need to build a large number of blog groups, blog in the Baidu search engine weight is getting lower, no matter what words to search, there is very little Sina, NetEase blog ranking in front of the And some bloggers have used the rel= "nofollow", that is, not tracking links, such as: 163 blog, now 163 blog has automatically let your link added this attribute, and this attribute Baidu and Google support, so 163 of the blog for our value is not big, But I want to say is the blog if want to do, need to absorb popularity, need to keep a long time, can not rely on the search engine to bring traffic, blog needs to rely on professional articles to attract people.

Forum: Forum is indeed a good place to promote, from the perspective of the forum to promote, can register more than one, although the forum in search engine weight is relatively low, but after all, is an industry gathering place, the industry will have a business to do, suggest: as far as possible to find the same industry forum, and published in the Forum as far as possible in the form of soft text, Do not direct advertising, if the form of soft text to send a link to the site is a good way to make some contribution to the site optimization, but if you say in the forum to leave a signature, the top of the post and so on, don't waste time.

Classification information: The weight of the search engine to give classified information is very high, sometimes high terrible, a lot of keywords ranked before the market, 58 with the city, all trades and Toruk Macto called, and so on, I think in these places information is very good, then we should collect keywords, according to the key words, especially the long tail words, Content is also very important to do the preparation of materials, the release of the title with long tail words, the first sentence with long tail words, such information sent thousands of will certainly have effect.

Other business-to-business information platforms: Many business-to-business information can also be ranked well on search engines, their weight comes from the site itself, their weight at least not by the search engine deliberately limited, so, in Business-to-business publishing information can also bring a lot of traffic, such as: Hui Cong, Alibaba, Global kitchen and bathroom and so on.

Generally speaking, our site type is different, the weight of the search engine is also different, summed up, the weight of ordinary Web site is larger than the forum, the forum weight is greater than the blog, the weight of the blog more than micro-bo, and the forum is the industry crowd, blog to accumulate popularity, micro Bo is biased entertainment, Use their advantages for your website promotion, network promotion understand the most important to avoid weaknesses. Webmaster Easy Water Original.

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