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Now the outside of the chain is really getting more and more difficult, hyperlinks are not easy to find, or is not a valid link, or is nofollow. Only plain text links are left. Even everyone's favorite Baidu know, Baidu Encyclopedia is increasingly difficult. Remember before do Baidu know to add a chain is very easy things. Now 6 level of Baidu know the account number is nothing but a vegetable, Baidu know seems to set up a mechanism, an account of the same outside the chain can only add once, the second time to add the rate is very low (gosh, the hard upgrade can only get an outside chain). The author a few days to share with you what we do not from the outside chain.

  Add a link to the title label


Title tags on the link is not a link, I can responsibly tell you, yes. This is the method is very few webmaster to do, we can do this on their own website can also be together with business-to-business and some blogs such as the site such settings, the author has tried in the Business-to-business website registered account with the title tag settings, leaving the site link, after the Baidu included. Such links are indeed valid links. As for the weight of this link, I would like to at least be higher than appearing in the article, because the title of the weight >h1 tags > articles.

  H1 label on the outside of the chain


Adding links to your site's title tag is absolutely crazy, but adding a link to your site on the H1 tab seems crazy because we can see these H1 tags add a link to the sample. And with the weight of their own website increased, the weight of these links has gone up. Of course, our thinking can not be limited to their own web site, similar to some business-to-business, video sites, publishing information sites. As long as there can be a plain text link, we can use this method to get a little higher weight for their own text links, since we can do it, why not?

 Site page appears hyperlink


Have you ever thought that our own site can do anchor text links, can also do hyperlinks oh. If shown above, leave your site link (hyperlink) on your Site content page. This link becomes a valid link if the current page is indexed by search engines. If you want to link the query to see if this link is valid, read the article example to analyze how to tell if the chain is an effective chain?

In contrast, plain text links don't seem as hard to do as hyperlinks. In this way, why do not we have a pure text link to achieve the ultimate, the above three methods, just and you share some of the ideas of plain text links. To do a good job of plain text links, you still need to solve the most headaches of the problem, the page included. If this page is not indexed by search engines, no matter what, these plain text links are not valid. So we still strengthen the content construction of the website, this article by: Crane _, reprint light Reservation address, thank you very much.

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