And the end of ASP.

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After studying the net, always feel the lack of something, the original has not been a macro summary, then the moment will be summed up:
Macro chart:
Learn ASP, because there have been learning VB, C #, and knocked on both sides of the computer room charge system and a student information management system, and then learn the process of the ASP. NET language is relatively simple, the inside said some of the professional terminology gray often familiar with, learning each language will follow a: "History -Basic Concept Statement-basic control-logic principle-for the use of objects-and the final debug deployment "This is probably a pattern, of course, examples of practice is also an indispensable part, basically each chapter is interspersed with a small example, to the end is a few comprehensive large examples, with their company, In the process of learning video is also a good seasoning it.
The beginning of the summer vacation began to learn ASP, but at that time did not formally treat it, always take learning English, computer room fee system cooperation, self-study, plus a few daily chores as an excuse, it will be forgotten every day, until the summer vacation after half of the time just suddenly consciousness, My dear ASP. In a corner crying ...
After I arrange two episodes to three episodes every day, other work is still carried out, when I learned to look back, it is full of harvest, in fact, a little pressure to myself, learning a little every day, is not not.

There is no need to find so many excuses on your way to the youth, and it is a full harvest when you look back after a period of time in your daily schedule.

May we soar like an eagle!

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And the end of ASP.

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